If you’re not familiar with The Healthy Juice Company, here’s what you need to know: they’re a subscription based juice delivery service, dropping off handmade juices to your doorstep before 6am. We sit down with Founder, Rosie Dickinson to discuss health, recipes and of course, juice:

What made you set up The Healthy Juice Company?

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I always chose natural products from a very young age and recall reading ingredients labels as soon as I was responsible for my own shopping. I have always been conscious about what I eat. Our food is our fuel – every cell in our body needs a certain combination of nutrients to function properly and poor fuel equals poor health. If I am unwell, I will turn to natural remedies first.

Prior to setting up The Healthy Juice Company I ran a high-end catering company.  Six years ago, an American client of mine did a juice cleanse in New York and she asked me if I replicate it. I did lots of research and discovered all of the wonderful benefits of juicing. I drank lots of juice myself and noticed just how well I looked and felt – bright sparkling eyes and clear glowing skin, not to mention the incredible extra energy, mental clarity and constantly waking up and feeling refreshed before the alarm clock went off each morning.

I spent 18 months setting up the business in between catering events; branding, packaging, website design, recipe testing. I really wanted The Healthy Juice Company to be the best a juice company could be by using organic produce, elegant glass bottles and with a heavy environmental ethos.

Juice cleansing makes sense to me, not only are you saturating your cells with nutrients but you are giving your digestive system a rest which allows energy normally used for digestion, to be re-directed to other parts of your body to aid regeneration and healing.

What does health mean to you?

Health to me means a wonderful balance of both physical and mental health as the two are completely connected. Our diet and lifestyle choices have the power to affect our health and longevity. Our lives are so fast these days with technology a focus point. Do we ever truly relax or get away from it all?

Enough good quality sleep, natural skincare products, avoiding chemicals and synthetics wherever I possibly can, nourishing clean fresh seasonal food prepared and cooked from scratch, sunshine on my skin, laughter and walks in nature breathing in lots of fresh air are all big players in my wellbeing.

What’s the ethos behind The Healthy Juice Company? 


We endeavor to help our clients improve their health long term.  We’re a brand who strives for the best in every sense of the word. We’re planet friendly too and we have a ‘natural’ philosophy.

We offer 1, 3 and 5 day juice cleanses and the 3/5 day cleanses are certainly enough of a springboard to making better choices moving forward. Our cleanse adjusts the palate, nourishes on a deep level, is anti-inflammatory and alkalizing, flushes out toxins which helps long term weight loss without rebounding whilst supporting and strengthening the liver and helps to improve digestion. A cleanse also stops afternoon slumps and eliminates cravings. You get a feeling of pressing your own reset button and really feel alive!

What can people expect from The Healthy Juice Company?

An incredibly efficient and personal service from a company who care on multiple levels and which has gone to the moon and back to create the ultimately pure, healthy and delicious product in beautiful packaging with a convenient service.

How did you create the different recipes for the juices?


Hundreds of different types of juices were tried and tested. I have been a chef all of my working life and hence tasting and combing are second nature to me. It was really hard to narrow down the selection to just the 18 we have in our range which we launched with. I’m more of a ‘see what ingredients are available on the day and have a play and come up with something that tastes nice’ but we had to have set recipes otherwise we’d have no products on our website but just a sign saying ‘see what turns up’! I have to say, making juice recipes is much tougher than cooking because the juice is alive and constantly changes within hours of being pressed. So what tastes nice initially, can taste terrible within 24 hours.  I worked with a leading UK naturopath who guided me too, to ensure clients would be consuming the right ingredients at the right time of day for the ultimate cleanse.

What makes you different from other juice companies on the market?


We cold press our juice which is the most superior method of juice extraction. We are Soil Association certified and we only ever use glass bottles, for purity (some plastic bottles can transfer chemicals, such as bisphenal A, into whatever they contain) and because I feel that plastic is a synthetic pollutant to the planet too.

Our bottles and packaging are all made of recycled material and manufactured here in the UK using British ingredients. Our juicing pulp is sent to an anaerobic digestion facility to produce natural energy. At the end of each day of a clients’ cleanse, they leave out their bottles and packaging for us to collect the next morning when we deliver their fresh juice. We wash and reuse our bottles and as much packaging as possible.

We press our unpreserved juices and nut milks daily to order, so clients are ensured the freshest of juice. We deliver daily too which means clients don’t have to fit 3 day’s worth of juice into their fridge at once and they don’t have to wait in for a courier as we deliver in our own van early every morning before people wake up. Our driver is up with the lark and promises a pre 6am delivery to clients’ doorsteps Monday to Friday.

Our juice menu also changes daily to vary nutrients and to keep the cleanse interesting for clients. Every morning everyone has a nice surprise when they open their box!

What’s your favourite juice from the range?

Because we make seasonal juices, it changes. But I would say right now it is the wheatgrass wakener and in the summer I turn more towards Gazpacho.

Favourite restaurant in London is: 

I am a big fan of Sally Clarke’s Restaurant on Kensington Church Street.  Sally’s ethos is to create an exciting menu using seasonal, impeccably sourced ingredients, simply prepared and deliciously married to enhance their natural taste and beauty.