Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006. They concentrate on bringing tea drinkers the very best tea they can find and they certainly aren’t tea snobs. We sit down with Louise to talk about the new book and the secrets to making a good cuppa.

What made you set up a tea company?


Nick and I both worked in tea. Me as a taster and Nick in marketing. We saw an opportunity for a great quality tea brand with a more friendly approach. Good tea has always previously been gold trim and fancy pants, while we are more down to earth.

What’s your favourite teapigs flavour?


I like particular teas and infusions for different times of the day and to suit my mood. Everyday brew ( our super quality ’normal’ tea) is essential in the morning, followed by matcha. In the afternoon a green tea or an oolong is great. In the summer a liquorice and mint is fantastic chilled.

Why do you think tea is so popular in the UK?


Tea is beyond popular.  It is an essential drink not just in the UK but around the world and is the second most consumed beverage after water! The tea culture starts young – I blame those childrens tea sets, we get them young and then the idea of tea at home never goes away. We are more adventurous now than we have been 10 years ago, green tea was something weird and now everyone knows about green tea.  We have finally broken out of the tea rutt we have been in for decades.

What can people expect from the new book?


All other books on tea are pretty serious. We sum up tea in a relaxed and friendly way. This is a book for someone who loves tea and wants to know a little bit more. It contains a little bit of history, how tea is grown and produced, a tour around the world of tea,  how to drink tea and some interesting recipe ideas using tea. The book is ideal for someone who likes tea!

What’s your favourite recipe from the book?

The teaice lollies take some beating.

London’s best breakfast can be found at:


One of your favourite restaurants in London is:


The Swan at the Globe. Great food, great view and amazing tea.

What’s the secret to a good cup of tea?


Start with great tea (teapigs, obviously), freshly drawn water, correct temperature and leave it to brew (3 mins).

It’s teapigs 9th birthday TODAY and to celebrate they’re holding a 3rd free tea day. They will be giving away over 100,000 cups of tea across the country. Over 200 teapigs stockists will be taking part and giving away free tea at their cafes and delis and teapigs will be “popping up” at various city locations handing out tea. 

Check here to find your nearest FREE tea location.