As part of POD Health Week, we’re going behind-the-scenes with the movers and shakers in London’s healthy food scene. Every day this week, we’ll be meeting some of the faces of the capital’s wellness movement – today we meet the founder of, a superfood shake brand with a difference:

What made you start and what is the philosophy behind the brand? 

James Green 2

At we believe that the quality of food we eat ascertains our lifestyle, and so therefore only the best should be good enough. What you put into your body you will get out; if you eat healthy goodness, then  you will look and feel healthy.

I developed as I realised that although superfoods have been around for some time, and their extended benefits well recognised, they hadn’t been available in a form that is easily accessible to all; only the well-versed foodie really understood how to combine them for optimum impact. When creating our original flagship product, Super Eleven Shake, my goal was to create a product that gave the best of both worlds: it contains the natural goodness from eleven of the most powerful superfoods around, but is simple enough to use and understand that anyone can reap the benefits.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with, can you explain a bit about what you guys do? 

Siganture Cleanse

At we create all-natural, vegan, non-GMO superfood products. In case you aren’t familiar with them, superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that have unusually high content levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Typical examples include goji berries, chia seeds and spirulina – they come in many different forms, but all promote health, well-being and can aid weight-management. We aim to provide solutions for those who aspire to be healthier, but only using natural, organic products. Our Super Green Detox for example is a blend of wheat grass, flaxseed and ashwagandha (amongst a few other things), and helps to rid your body of allergens and toxins leaving you feeling refreshed, replenished and revitalised.

What made you choose the superfood ingredients inside your shakes? 


That’s a good question. When I originally began I knew that they needed to be jam-packed with goodness, but without compromising on taste. I looked at what I would want to get out of a shake nutritionally and made sure that it was also a pleasure to consume. What’s quite lovely about our shakes in particular is that they are really versatile and our customers are constantly coming up with new recipes and ways of enjoying them. From simply adding different types of fruit, to turning the Super Eleven Shake blend into a muffin mix, our customers never fail to disappoint! (Check out our blog for further inspiration).

What makes you different from other shake brands on the market? 


Key to how we differ from our competitors is firstly our ingredients, in that we only use those that are natural, non-GMO, and that come from nutrient-rich non-depleted soils. Nothing artificial comes close. Secondly, our key values: Love, health and happiness. These are what we believe living is all about. Love ourselves and others, love our minds and our bodies. Good health makes everything possible. Happiness, is more than a state of mind. It’s a state of physical being.

We’re on a bit of a mission here at About Time to get rid of the phrase ‘Eat Clean’, what do you feel about the phrase? 

‘Eat Clean’ has been thrown around a little too much – it seems to be one of those terms that has grown on the population as healthy living becomes more and more at the forefront of this generation. However, it’s simple to understand and gets the point across in just two words, although a little vague for our liking.

How do you think people can be healthier? 


One of the main ways would be by consuming foods that have gone through as little processing as possible. Our Signature Cleanse for example is a juice cleanse that has been cold-pressed, allowing maximum nutrient retention. Most juices are made using machines with great big turbines that heat up during the process, leaving the juice not quite as strong as it would be otherwise. Regular exercise, although obvious, has power that can not be ignored. Finally – by consuming more superfoods.

London’s best breakfast can be found at: 


The Albion – a lovely place in Shoreditch that serves the best brunch in town. Gotta love their eggs benedict with smoked salmon.  

London’s best smoothie can be found at: 


Photo courtesy of Aj Finnie

Crussh Juice Bar on London’s South Bank serve some of the best smoothies around, cold-pressed juices infused with superfoods.

London’s best coffee can be found at: 

Our kitchen in our office. We always have a cafetiere on the go with Bulletproof coffee brewing. I encourage any coffee lover to give it a go – it’s divine.