Gigging relentlessly as a teen, Moss Kena grabbed the attention of the tastemaker world with his first release: a stunning rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘These Walls’, which Kendrick himself gave the seal of approval. Becoming well known for his silky vocals over the years, he recently dropped a new track in collaboration with dancehall/reggae icon Shaggy – a rework of iconic 00’s track ‘It Wasn’t Me’. We asked Moss all about his upcoming solo single, love of collaborating with different artists, and his passion for dance music:

Congrats on the recent release of ‘It Wasn’t Me’, what’s the response been like to the track? And did you get to meet Shaggy?

The response to the track has been really positive, I haven’t met shaggy yet although it’s inevitable and I cannot wait!

Photo credit: Pearl Cook 

You’ve lent your voice to an impressive amount of huge dance tracks – what is it about dance music that appeals to you?

Dance music is in my DNA; my mum owned dance music specialist record shops and I grew up on late 80s early 90s rave tunes. I think I could sing ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ before I could talk.

Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists and producers? Who would be your dream collaborator?

Music is all about collaboration, I love working with exciting artists. If I had to pick one to work with right now it would be Elton John, his appreciation for new music is incredible and that why he’s both an icon and still relevant today.

Can we expect any new solo material in the coming months?

I am so proud to announce my next solo single ‘Primadonna’ is out. I am so excited for the new era, it’s my best solo work yet!

What was it that first got you into music – did you always see yourself being a singer-songwriter?

This is the only thing I’ve ever truly seen myself doing, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t grow up to be a singer and a songwriter. My lifelong passion for music left me no choice.

Which artists have inspired you the most throughout your career? I noticed Amy Winehouse is a favourite, what is it about her music that you love?

I’m quite confident that I am the world’s leading authority on the life and times of Amy Jade Winehouse. I can’t tell you why I began to idolise her but it was just an identification I couldn’t explain, her music gave words and melody to my pain and we just became bonded.

Aside from making music, what does a typical day in the life look like for Moss Kena?

Gym, dream, create – repeat!

I saw you were at Coachella earlier this year, what’s your favourite gig you’ve ever been to or played at?

I just love live music and I don’t really care what it is as long as it makes me feel connected, that’s the beauty of a festival. I’d have to say the best gig I’ve ever been to was watching Ms. Lauryn Hill at an extremely intimate venue. God was in the room.

Favourite song you’ve ever written?

A favourite song I’ve written must be ‘square one’ my first proper single, it was the beginning of everything.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the music industry?

Do not take no for an answer.