Born and raised in London, singer-songwriter Jeffrey the KiDDD brings his sultry vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are bound to leave you with all of the feels. The all-around entertainer delivers the 90s/early 00s R&B we love, reimagined in today’s world of music. With K-pop rising in the Western world of music and culture, Jeffrey the KiDDD has written songs for some of their biggest groups. 2021 saw the release of ‘Miracle’, a song co-written by Jeffrey for the popular boy band WayV.

You recently released ‘Stop It’ – tell us about the inspiration behind the track? 

‘Stop It!’ came from me being bored of writing the typical love songs. I wrote my first song as a child in the early 00s and the radio back then would play songs like ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy, I was obviously too young to understand the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. However, I did understand the smart repetition of the hook which kind of inspired my song. ‘Stop It!’ is a song just talking about being honest in any relationship and your partner trying their best to understand what they’re getting themselves into before things go further.

What’s the feedback been like so far? 

The feedback has been great, especially with the response to the music video! I definitely wanted to tap into the time when music and its accompanying videos worked hand in hand and told a story.

For anyone unfamiliar with your music – how would best explain your sound? 

I would say the sound is R&B; that’s the base, the core, the root.

You’re also a well-established K Pop songwriter – who have you penned tracks for? 

Yes still on my journey, I have been very fortunate to be writing songs that even make the cut! I have written for NCT Dream, Way-V, Super M.

With the K Pop genre continuing to gain popularity at pace – who are some of your favourite rising K Pop singers/bands? 

That’s a good question! It’s growing so quickly, I’m so proud to be a contributor to its acts. I’d say right now – in terms of the emerging acts – I’m a big fan of RIIZE and NMIX. RIIZE have a cool 00’s pop vibe and NMIX are badass!

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

Hmmm… there’s so many to pick! But I would love to collaborate with Kaytranada and Amine! Their stuff is so out of this world so I’m just putting it out there!

Who/what/where best inspires your music? 

Michael Jackson has always been my biggest idol. Just what he has been able to do with music and change the idea of what we see and know; just making music videos a thing to sit down with your family and watch like it’s an event.

I also think Beyonce is a massive influence in today’s music, the way she keeps her private life to herself along with educating us on the art form of music and not being gassed over quick viral moments is key. But overall what inspires my music is simply just the feeling. I think that sums it all up; this whole project I have acted off of what I feel more than what I think is going to work. It’s led me closer to what I believe is organic and naturally me.

What’s next for you? What’s 2024 got in store for you as an artist? 

More music! If you didn’t get it the first time with ‘Stop It!’ you’re deffo getting it with the next releases. Next year is all about the music for me, releasing my first project and performing, I just want to raise awareness of myself as an artist and songwriter and let the rest just happen in its own form.