In 2023, Becky launched Pod Pea Vodka from scratch and with great success. Pod Pea Vodka is made from 100% British peas and tastes of peas – a truly individual, modern flavourful vodka with sweet vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus and a light savoury tone and silky finish. We chatted to Becky about Pod Pea Vodka’s sustainable ethos, what the brand stands for and what’s next:

Tell us about Pod Pea Vodka

Pod is a British, sustainable vodka that’s made with 100% British peas and tastes like peas. It’s a fresh and flavourful vodka with sweet, vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus, light savoury tones and a silky finish. Pod sources what it can locally; not only are its peas 100% British, but the water, labels, glass (and even the sand to make the glass) are all locally sourced. The peas are then fermented, distilled and bottled in Manchester. 

What’s great about peas?

Peas are amazing ‘nitrogen fixers’, which rejuvenate the soil, helping future crops thrive. Somerleyton Farm, where Pod’s peas are lovingly grown, take pride in its regenerative agriculture practices supplying the UK with ‘Planet Saving Food’. We also chose the humble pea for its ap-pealing flavour characteristics, its sustainable prowess and the fact that peas are quintessentially British, growing plentifully right here in the UK.

How is Pod Pea Vodka different from other vodkas? 

Pod Pea Vodka stands out from other vodkas due to its innovative use of peas as the base ingredient. Most vodkas are made from grains or potatoes, but our choice of peas brings a unique, slightly savoury flavour profile and a silky finish that sets us apart. Additionally, we believe that our unwavering commitment to sustainability is setting a new standard for eco-conscious spirits. 

What does the brand stand for? 

Pod Pea Vodka values the three Ps; People, Purpose, Planet. Pod is committed to reducing its environmental impact, sourcing and supporting locally, and of course, delivering a delicious flavour-forward vodka that delights the palate and the planet. 

What was your career background before setting up the brand? 

Before founding Pod Pea Vodka, my background was in hospitality and drinks. I began as a bartender at Trio, Arc Inspirations, after a stint at Harvey Nics. I later opened Sandinista Manchester, then The Liars Club finishing my bartending career at MOJO. In 2013, I joined Mangrove Global and became a Sales Director by 2018.  During my time at Mangrove, I worked with a great portfolio of premium spirits and liqueurs which ignited a huge passion for the drinks industry. I founded Ten Locks in 2020, a spirits importer and distributor focusing on building premium, authentic spirit brands striving for positive change. Pod represents what our portfolio at Ten Locks aims to be and it has been hugely exciting.

Where can you enjoy drinking Pod Pea Vodka in a bar? 

Pod Pea Vodka is currently available at The Alchemist, Birch Community, Mallow, Nipperkin, The Botanist, Madre, amongst others. 

The bars have come up with some really innovative cocktails using Pod, for example, Madre is serving ‘Tom Tom Club’ combining Pod Pea Vodka, Avocado Leaf Tequila, Sherry, fermented Tomatillo, and Club Soda. Another is the new Pod drink at Birch Selsdon in their Elodie restaurant featuring Pod Pea Vodka, Bay leaf, Nasturtium, Celery and Nettle Air.  We are super proud to have such a great collection of bars now serving Pod and we will continue to expand our list of on-trade partners. 

What are your favourite cocktails?

My favourite Pod drink is really difficult to choose as people are getting so creative with it however one in particular that sticks in my mind is the ‘Green Snapper’ served by Hawksmoor over summer with Pod Pea Vodka, Gin, and a beautiful blend of green tomato, jalapeno, celery, cucumber and lime created by The Pickle House as a refreshing, summery twist on a Bloody Mary. Also, Common Decency at NoMad London created the ‘Pea Lime Pie’ with Pod, green chartreuse, pea foam and lime, a lovely savoury twist on the dessert key lime pie which I was also a fan of.

Is there anything new in the pipeline for Pod Pea Vodka? 

We’ve got an exciting new initiative coming up for Christmas, Pod Pea Vodka will be donating £1 from the sale of every bottle in December to Eat Well, a charity that supports people sidelined by poverty across Greater Manchester, providing up to 1,000 meals every week to those in need. Supporting the local businesses is a strong value of ours, so it’s a great pleasure to be working with Eat Well to be able to give a little something back to our community. We have some exciting things coming in the future but can’t share just yet…