Launched in 2019, Balance Holidays is a renowned curator of wellbeing travel experiences identified for its pioneering programme design and continuous personalised client care. Founder Livia Manca Di VillaHermosa has an international outlook; she was born in Paris, raised in Rome, but maintained a strong attachment to her historic family estate in Sardinia. She has enjoyed a career in the luxury industry in New York and London. We sat down with Livia and spoke about the inspiration behind Balance Holidays, 2022 retreats and the unique activities on offer:

What is Balance Holidays and what inspired you to set it up?

Balance Holidays is a renowned curator of wellbeing travel experiences. The concept of the business first came to me not long after I left New York for London. I was seeking a change of environment and a new challenge, but it quickly became apparent to me that both cities shared the same breakneck speeds. This, plus my intrigue to connect with like-minded characters and a desire to continue learning through others in an authentic, honest and uplifting environment prompted me to seek a restorative wellness escape. I soon learned such an offering of premium quality and service was not yet available in the market and so, I founded Balance Holidays.

What sets Balance Holidays apart from other wellness retreats?

 At Balance Holidays, no two experiences we design are the same. Yet, a set of aspects; thoughtfully curated details and a highly intuitive and caring service are non-negotiable and emphasised in every programme. The fundamental blueprint that truly defines Balance Holidays

What are some of the interesting and unique activities on offer at the 2022 retreats?

 For 2022, the well-received Rewilding at English Historic Estate Retreat, which is led by The Natural Life-Stylist, Tony Riddle, will be returning with exhilarating, nature-based activities. These include wild swimming, barefoot walking and running, ice baths and more, that will take place amongst 3,000 acres of extraordinary landscape.

We will also be launching the Re-energise at Amalfi Cliffside Retreat; a limited-edition, heritage and culture-filled wellbeing retreat at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast. A scenic base for daily guided excursions, where we will wind along untrodden routes that have been specially curated for this programme and experience BLISSPOINT Breathwork sessions with internationally recognised consciousness teacher, Lisa de Narvaez. 

In October, we will be joined by celebrity trainer, Monique Eastwood in Ibiza. She will introduce The Eastwood Movement Method and combine it with time in nature, pilates flow and a nutritional diet to women of all ages to advance the conversation on the importance for women to take care of their hormones across every stage of their lives.

What does the future of wellbeing retreats look like to you? 

A lifestyle centrepiece. 

What are the popular activities your consumers ask for?

Since the pandemic happened, we saw a shift in the way our clients approach their physical and mental wellbeing. They come to us expressing the desire to obtain certain benefits or learn certain skills to take back home, rather than being very specific about the activities they want. They know that we invest an enormous amount of time and effort in designing each wellbeing retreat experience and that we will recommend what is most suitable. Be it a set date mixed group experience or a bespoke private retreat. 

What is your daily wellness routine?

I am an early riser and usually get out of bed at 6:30am. I make a point to focus on me and my intentions for the day by keeping my phone away until after breakfast. Which typically starts with a glass of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon. Followed up with a boiled egg, half an avocado and a small spoon of mixed seeds or a few buckwheat cakes with nut butter and raw honey. I then get on with my day’s responsibilities and where time allows, I will either workout with a personal trainer or take a brisk stroll through the nearby park if I am in London, or by the Roman Forums and the Tevere river if in Rome.

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