Belters Only is a Dublin collective which includes the famed Irish DJ and producer, Bissett and producer RobbieG. With their breakout track  ‘Make Me Feel Good’ feat. Jazzy firmly a UK smash and with lots more music to come, the collective are sure to be mainstays in the UK dance scene. We chatted to Belters Only about their new single, dream collaborations and what’s next:

Tell us about how you both came together to form Belters Only?

We always felt like it was meant to happen; we were both doing our thing as solo artists and we’re always compared to each other, so yeah it was only a matter of time. 

Your single ‘Make Me Feel Good (feat. Jazzy)’ is currently a massive hit, it was originally released last year, but is having a new moment now. How did the track originally come together for you?

The single came together pretty naturally like it was gifted to us!

You’ve also just put out your new single ‘Don’t Stop Just Yet (feat. Jazzy)’, can you tell us how this one came about?

This one came together after we found the Morcheeba sample and instantly fell in love with it. We called up Jazzy to lay down the sample and she bossed it as always… And the rest is history.

You both come from producer backgrounds and then merged together. What do you think makes your workflow together magical?

We both liked the same music and we both believe in the same vision.

What has being from Dublin helped inspire you as artists coming up in the scene?

The Irish have always been classed as the underdog, so I would say the fight in us and our pride towards where we’re from definitely drives us to keep moving forward.

As DJ and producers, what inspires you?

House music, good weather and good vibes.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

That there’s no boundaries and always be humble.

Are there any artists that you particularly like at the moment?

MK and Camelphat.

What else can we expect in the coming months for Belters Only?

Belters, belters and more belters.