This week, we’ve teamed up with Collier’s for a special Colliers Cheese Week on About Time – to get involved, follow Colliers on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here. We meet the people in charge of creating some pretty damn good cheddar.

What’s the story behind Collier’s Cheese? 

Collier's cheese

Welsh Miners – no, really. The idea for the Collier’s brand was sparked by Wales’ proud industrial heritage. It originally came from Welsh coal miners looking for a strong characteristic cheddar.

As a child our founder saw how cheese was an important part of the miners’ diet. It was the ideal food to sustain miners as they worked below ground for many hours at a time. Colliers have maintained this production tradition, but simply increased to a wider scale that now provides the same great recipe of cheese nationwide.

What’s the secret to creating great tasting cheese? 

As you would expect with something so special, the exact recipe of Collier’s is a closely guarded secret. Even today this product has a team of only three people who are able to grade the cheese. What we can reveal is that Collier’s is made at a single creamery in Wales and can be matured for up to 20 months.

How does Collier’s set itself apart from other cheeses on the market?

Collier's cheese

It’s definitely for the foodies. This uniquely powerful cheese produces a fine balance of savoury and sweet, without the sharpness that is delivered by many strong types of cheddar. Collier’s has a distinct texture, open, slightly crumbly, yet smooth and creamy in the mouth. The long, deep, powerful taste releases slowly in the mouth and lingers, for you to experience this unique taste to the full.

What’s the secret to making a good, tasty cheese on toast? 

Collier's cheese

Don’t mess about – no fuss, no frills. Get a good wedge of your favourite fluffy loaf and stack it up. If you like things spicy, finely chop a fresh chilli and sprinkle on the top. Grill for a few minutes until bubbling and golden then serve. Simply delicious.

What’s your favourite recipe featuring Collier’s?

Collier's cheese

It has to be the Collier’s Cheddar cheesecake, shortbread crumble and pickled celery. A more advanced recipe but so worth it. This recipe has actually featured on Michelin Star Stephen Terry’s menu at his famous Hardwick restaurant. The combination of sweet and savoury flavour compliments the different textures sublimely well.

Favourite condiment to go with a cheese sandwich? 

It has to be without doubt – chutney. Coat your bread with some local tomato and onion chutney to work wonders on a classic sandwich.

What are the 2016 plans? 

Collier's cheese

This year we’ll see some new product launches and we’ll be especially proud to launch the Collier’s miners packs that provide a proper piece of cheese in the ideal snack pack.

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