Detox with Alana was established by Alana Panton following a life-changing experience at a detox centre in Thailand. As a result of this powerful transformation, Alana identified and followed her calling to help other people change their lives. Having trained at the renowned LifeCo Phuket as a Detox Coach, Alana is now able to guide others in a professional capacity, alongside a curated team of mind, body and soul wellness specialists.

Her latest Spring Retreat, kicking off on Monday 19th April, is supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists across the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, meditation and detoxification. We chatted to Alana about her career, and starting her business during covid.

What led you to try detoxing?

While I’m now fit and strong, mum to a gorgeous toddler and living my dream of running my own business, my road to optimum health and happiness was anything but simple. 

Four years ago I was a completely different woman. After a traumatic divorce, I fell into a deep clinical depression. I lost the corporate job I loved, my beautiful home became an empty shell I hated, I isolated myself from friends and family and withdrew from daily life. I gave up.

I was prescribed countless medications but none touched the darkness I felt. Finally, after endless trips to psychiatrists and near-fatal suicide attempts, I was diagnosed with a rare depression that was entirely resistant to medication.  I was out of options.  If I was going to heal, I had to find my own way.  I was in such a bad place that I wasn’t nourishing my body with the healing foods it needed.

A few months after my last attempt to end my life which ended in hospital, I was given the opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey at a detox centre in Turkey. Here, I discovered the many benefits of detoxing, both mentally and physically.  As I released all the harmful toxins that had plagued my body and mind for years, I began to heal.  I had more energy, my body healed (I lost 14 kilograms) but most importantly, my joy for life returned.  I was ready to live again.

What made you decide to turn your passion for juice cleansing into a career?

Having been through this powerful transformation myself, I realised that my calling was to help others change their lives, starting with their health. With this intention, I became a certified Detox Coach at The Lifeco Phuket, a Detox and Wellness Centre in Thailand.

I’ve now brought what I learned in this beautiful setting and applied it to life here in the UK. I know the struggles of getting started in detox and of incorporating a cleaner way of eating into modern living, and that’s why I want to help people that necessarily afford to visit expensive detox centres. My detox packages and one-to-one detox support make your road to optimum health as easy as possible.

What would you say to those who criticise detoxing as being a superficial weight loss fad?

When people show interest in my detox I always explain to them that this is not a ‘quick fad’ to lose weight quick, it’s not a diet; a detox educates you and changes your relationship with food, so you won’t go back to your previous eating habits but you will develop positive and healthy habits that will stay with you forever. For those wanting to lose weight, a detox may seem like an attractive option but they will experience so many other far more superior benefits such a mental clarity, increased energy, a new zest for life and a feeling of vitality.

What challenges have you faced starting a business during covid?

To be honest, I feel that starting my business during lockdown has been positive as so many people struggled during lockdown mentally and physically. When I trialled my idea with friends and family they all jumped at the chance of doing something positive for themselves at home that would be beneficial for their health after developing so many unhealthy habits during lockdown.

What’s your vision for the business over the next year?

I have big plans for this years. In the next few months, I’m going to be focusing on my one to one coaching programs as well as teaming up with some top London juicing bars with my detox packages. What I’m really excited about is doing my first retreat which will probably take place in the UK this year and hopefully the dream next year will be to run a detox retreat in a place very special and close to heart – Bali.

Any tips for mums starting a business while also raising a little one?

It’s tough especially when you’re a single Mum like me but I guess you have to be organised, change your ways of working. Now I work around my son Theo, what works for me is going to bed early, usually before 9pm and waking up at 5am before he wakes up to get a few hours of work done in those twilight hours where I have zero distractions. If paying out for childcare is an issue, pair up with one of your mum friends and help each other out. I have a friend that is also setting up her own business, so one day a week I have her daughter so she can have a day to work on her business and vice versa.

What are your favourite London wellness spots?

When I have the time to chill and have some ‘me time’ I love to visit the spa/sauna/pool area at White City House (part of the Soho House group), it’s such a great place and perfect for me as it’s within walking distance from my home. I also really enjoy going to ‘The Light Centre’ in Central London – they have such an extensive range of different holistic treatments from Reiki to colonic hydrotherapy which I love. It’s such a great place, definitely worth checking out if you’re into yoga and holistic wellness.