Forget about loser boyfriends or toxic besties, the most complicated relationship you’ll deal with over the course of your life is the one you have with your boobs: love, loathe, indifference, dismay – you’ll feel it all.

The journey begins with the pangs of puberty, around the time when boobs start to sprout. At this point, you’re either praying for an overnight miracle or left desperately trying to find a school shirt that can keep up with your ever-expanding chest.

And then, once you’ve somehow clawed your way through your teenage years, you’ll discover there’s a whole host of other factors waiting to wreak havoc with your bust. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, menopause and pesky hormone cycles all add up to one bumpy ride.

That’s why learning to make the most of your bust is so important. After all, figuring out how to love your boobs even when they’re being a total nightmare will leave you feeling much happier in your own skin. It’s time to take back control and show your body who’s boss.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a host of top tips on how to show your bust the care it deserves AND make yourself feel loads better along the way. Take a look.

Let’s get physical


Your boobs aren’t going anywhere, but you do have some level of influence over how they sit, feel and look – and it all comes down to exercise.

Like any other body part, a proper workout will revolutionise your bust. Start by fitting in a weight session at the gym, including chest flys, presses, and – everyone’s favourite – push ups. It’ll improve your general fitness, and leave your boobs looking perkier and feeling firmer.

Keep your head up

Improving your posture can be an absolute miracle worker. Not only can it make you appear thinner and give your bust a boost, but get it right and it’ll ease the pressure a sizeable cup size can put on your spine.

As well as exercising and wearing a supportive bra to strengthen muscles, learning how to hold yourself properly will do wonders for your back. From stopping yourself slumping in a chair to pushing your shoulders back correctly, there’s plenty of posture advice available online.

Talk to a professional

If there’s an issue with your boobs that’s really bothering you, you could always look to a cosmetic surgeon for help. From breast augmentation to lifts and reductions, book in for a consultation with a professional and they’ll be able to talk you through the different choices.

Just bear in mind that whilst it might make you feel better about one specific part of your body, cosmetic surgery isn’t a cure-all fix for confidence issues. Ultimately, it’s still a surgical procedure and not a decision to be taken lightly.

Look after your skin

Besides being good for your health, protecting your skin from sun damage will keep your cleavage looking younger for longer. Always wear sun cream or a moisturiser that contains SPF, and take particular care during the summer.

Remember to include your neck and décolletage in your daily skincare routine, applying toner and moisturiser in an upwards motion to really feel the benefits.

Contour your cleavage

As the world’s experts in highlighting your way to killer cheekbones and a perkier cleavage, look to the Kardashians for some inspiration when it comes to contouring.

For the simplest contour job, you only need an eyeliner pencil, a highlighter and a decent makeup brush. It does involve a bit of effort, so unless you’re willing to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every morning it might be a look you save for special occasions.

There are hundreds of tricks and tips for helping your bust look its best whilst also giving yourself a confidence boost. Start by following our top steps, and you’ll enjoy a happy relationship with your boobs no matter what’s going on in your life.