Contrary to a trend that is going on at the moment, I must tell you that gift cards are not the devil. In fact, they can be your best ally if you are looking for a last-minute or not-so-last-minute birthday present. The gift cards’ bad reputation is derived from the fact that most people see them as the standard choice for when you don’t care enough for that person to actually buy a present. This is absolutely not true!

Gift cards are extremely useful and a very good way to offer that person the opportunity to buy something that they will surely use instead of sticking to a present that they don’t like so much. Also, gift cards are preferable to simply giving someone cash to buy themselves something nice. Besides that, gift cards come in a lot of different versions from multiple stores and can even be digital. So, without further ado, it’s time to talk a bit about how to find the best gift cards in the UK, why they are your allies, and where you can find the best gift card deals.

Gift card ideas

Amazon gift cards should be on everyone’s lists of presents for people’s birthdays. Regardless of the time of the year, you can find numerous Amazon gift cards that start at as little as £10 and can value as much as £1000. Not too shabby, right? You just need to look around for a bit and decide on a value that would allow your friend to buy themselves something useful. What’s even better is that once you’ve bought the gift card, you can simply send it to your friend by e-mail in digital form and that’s it!

A gift card from Apple can definitely be a good idea, especially if the birthday person is passionate about technology. Digital gift cards start at £10 and can be used for Apple Books, in the App Store, or even in the iTunes Store. Besides that, the person can use this card for Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News+, or Apple Arcade subscriptions. In case you are looking for a physical gift card that is nicely wrapped, those can be found on the Apple website and start at £25.

A ClassPass gift card for someone who is passionate about working out can be one of the best presents ever. Regardless if they are into wellness or fitness, this membership offers everything from yoga and boxing to cardio and HIIT. ClassPass gift cards have two standard values: £50 and £100. However, you are free to personalize your gift card too with a certain amount so that it can fit your friend’s routine better.

You simply cannot go wrong with a gift card from Asos. Regardless of the gender of the birthday person, they will definitely enjoy having the opportunity to shop for nice clothes and accessories. This type of gift card works even better if your friend is in their 20s and doesn’t really like to shop in person. The Asos gift cards start at around £15 and can go as high as a few hundred pounds.

Where to find the best deals for gift cards

The aforementioned ideas should definitely be useful for anyone looking for an interesting present. However, there is one more place where you can find the best gift card deals without wasting any time looking through a million websites. is a platform that analyzes multiple factors and data through an algorithm and offers you only the most advantageous gift cards deals. The products come from more than 500 trustworthy online retailers and their variety is certainly impressive.

All you have to do is go to the “gift cards and gift vouchers” section and make your pick from hundreds of deals. You have the possibility to choose gift cards from Asos, Xbox, Shein as well as many other vouchers for various shops and cute cards to send to your loved ones for different occasions. Websites such as this one aim to simplify your shopping experience while still offering you good alternatives to pick from.

So, what do you think about gift cards? Do they represent good presents in your opinion or do you think they scream “I don’t care enough to bother”?