Tarot cards are an ancient tool of divination used by many to gain a better perspective about life and the future it holds. Life can be filled with unexpected events and uncertain conditions which can make people crave for some certainty to cherish.

Tarots may grant you just that. The future can be understood with relevance to the present and the past by a good reader. Gaining this information can also help you steer your life in a positive direction.

What Are Tarot Cards?

This mystical tool of divination is similar to an ordinary deck of cards in terms of appearance. They are said to contain semiotic references that link them to ancient Egyptian legends and history. Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards that are divided into minor arcana and major arcana, based on the significance they hold during a reading.

The major arcana cards, as the name suggests, revolve around the karmic and spiritual nature of your life and predict events or instances that are of utmost importance. They can foresee a grand change in path or a wave of fortune during a reading indicating any form of major change to life. They are 22 in number and are numbered from zero to twenty-one and represented with faces.

The minor arcana cards depict the troubles and circumstances faced during the day to day events in your life. Although they may not seem life altering, the smaller things can matter a lot as they heavily reflect on your energy. Little sources of happiness can be the source of your smile during your routine life. This article can help you gain a deeper insight into tarot reading and help you understand further.

The Suits Of Minor Arcana

The fifty-six minor arcana cards are further split into four suits; wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. Similar to playing cards, they are numbered and also hold symbols that prove crucial during a reading. The meaning of the suits is explained below.

Wands: The suit of Wands represents the true spirituality in the form of energies of growth, movement, and beginnings. They stand for ideas and innovation and can be an indication for the career side of your life as well. Sometimes, this suit can also hold intense messages of love and affection.

Cups: The cups bear a representation of emotions in terms of relationships and the soul. It can reveal the true feeling of a seeker and give information regarding the emotional well-being of a person.

Swords: This is a suit commonly associated with strife, conflict, and arguments. This can be a representation of an individual’s internal feelings as well. They can reveal the greatest fears and challenges an individual may face in his life. Another revelation that swords can bring about is the truth, the truth that needs to be confronted with and accepted, to grow as a person.

Pentacles: This suit represents the financial side of life and also holds significant importance in terms of career and success. In some situations, the pentacles can also indicate levels of spiritual and emotional prosperity as well. They are also referred to as disks or coins.

The Tarot Spread

After the reader meditates on the query you present, he or she concentrates and lays out a particular arrangement of cards, in a blind or upside down manner. This layout or arrangement is known as the tarot spread. There are plenty of variants of a spread and can be made of three cards as well as seven. Readers tend to seek expertise in a particular spread and master it.

The more known spreads are the three card spread and the Celtic cross. The three cards spread simply depicts the past, present and the future in the form of three tarot cards drawn at random by a powerful reader. This can give a lot of insight into the future and your destiny as well. Each position in a spread hence carries a powerful meaning in connection with the prediction.

The Dos And Don’ts While Asking A Reader Questions

Some say the divinity of the reader is the key to getting an accurate tarot card reading. While this may stand true, some also say that the power lies within the deck of cards. In either case, when an individual approaches a tarot reader, the way he phrases his questions can be the deciding factor regarding the effectiveness of the session. Here are a few tips to follow while finding more from a reading.

  • Asking open-ended questions: A tarot reader can provide you with a simple objective answer or give you an elaborate one. When you choose an open-ended question that begins when, who, what, why or how, the answer can be elaborative and explanatory. You also have a higher chance of gaining more information in this manner.
  • Asking a question about yourself: During a reading, it can be common for an individual to ask questions regarding a loved one. While this is completely understandable, it is necessary to understand that the reading depends heavily on energies. The presence of the individual can influence the results in a lot of ways. It can also promote anxiety and a toxic way of handling it.
  • Taking responsibility: When things go south, the human tendency often is to run. Being a victim or a villain does not excuse that. It is integral to understand the power your actions wield in your life and to be brave to face the consequences of your own actions. As the actions, you commit today, maybe what forms your tomorrow. It simply will guide you into a journey of self-improvement and self-awareness.
  • Being focused on the present: As the future is a fluid entity, attempting to gain more information about the future can be difficult and unreliable. However, knowing the consequences of today’s actions can influence the future in a more productive manner. Hence, in contradiction to popular beliefs, tarot reading is best done in the present.