We here at About Time Magazine love food. We love eating it, love looking at it, and love writing about it. So naturally, we understand others who share this same desire and want to cultivate it. If you love food and enjoy cooking and creating, or merely eating and appreciating, it might be time to bring that passion further by trying your hand at your own food blog. Of course this will require an ability to write and express yourself in an engaging way, as well as a good instinct for composition and a photographic eye to get those sumptuous pics just right. Other than that though, it just requires passion, time and dedication, and the right tools.

A Recipe for Getting Started

It’s actually incredibly easy nowadays to get a blog website up and running. You don’t even need to be web-design savvy, since you can create a really great site with free website builders that require no coding or design experience. Just be sure to go for something that allows for you to prominently display photos – since this is the drawing factor of any food blog – and is a clean, clutter-free design that is easy to navigate and keeps your main content in focus. The general rule is that simple is best.

Aside from the site, you need to narrow down the concept. There are a lot of blogs out there, so to ensure that you are adding something new to the mix that people will want to read, you need to think about your angle. Think about how your approach is unique and how your message differs from other bloggers in the scene. If you aren’t sure where to start, see some of these amazing food bloggers to gain inspiration, and figure out how you can create a different message than what they are already serving up.

Be Authentic: Whatever You Do, Do it as You

The easiest way to write engaging content is to write what you know and love. Not too confident about creating your own recipes? No problem, you can also be a Foodie Lifestyle blogger, covering the best eats around the globe, or at least covering hip and trending food events and reviewing restaurants in your own city. Food blogging doesn’t have to confine you to your own kitchen.

Just keep in mind that blog growth is a very slow process. Keep writing and posting and if you are authentic and your passion comes through, you will eventually gain readers. Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Maintain your enthusiasm and let your personality shine through!