You are incredible. Let’s start there. Literally incredible. I’ve been working with clients for over 15 years and the one thing we all have in common is that none of us realise our potential, our gifts and our strengths. In fact, we live in a world that at times feels like a powerless, hurtful, sad and lonely story. And that’s exactly it – it’s just a story. From the moment we’re born, we cry for milk and this is the creation of the ego. The ego essentially believes that: I am me, you are you and I need to do something in order to get what I want.

I need to control something, impress you, create some wonderful act in order to win over your affection and attention and from a very early age we are conditioned to believe that this “prize” is going to come from outside us.


If I cry I’ll get milk, if I’m cool at school my friends will like me, if I’m successful in my job,people will adore me. And so in our adult lives we begin to create disingenuous lives and personality traits selling to the world through Instagram and Facebook likes how successful, popular, happy, and worldly are lives are. We sell each other our elevator pitch while inside at times we feel empty and desperately need to be seen, loved, cherished and acknowledged.  

It can stop now, in fact if you want to experience true and lasting to success it has to stop now, right now. Got it? So why do so few of us actually feel successful…


It’s simple. Our relationship with life is from the outside in. We live through the eyes of other people and now is the time to change the game. So let’s make 2017 a golden year. Not by inflating your resolutions to include creating world peace and healing the world post-Trump but by taking simple, easy to access positive steps. So here’s my top list for making 2017 a year of Golden Success: 

Committing to Yourself


Commit to yourself. Powerful right?  Yes commit to yourself. And what does that look like? It means honouring yourself and fundamentally putting your needs and growth first, right at the top of the list. While it is wonderful to serve others and we’ll come back to this in a bit we can only be truly effective and of service once our own cup is full. This is the most powerful of acts and once you put first what makes you feel happy, expansive, abundant and confident your entire life will almost instantly start to take off.

Checking Your Self-Talk

This is a big one.  If we spoke to our friends and loved ones the way we talk to ourselves internally, we’d have no friends at all. We are such harsh critics of ourselves and this needs to stop. It’s time to check in with how you communicate with yourself.  Start to notice when you are most harsh and critical with yourself and change it up.  You’ll feel infinitely better.

Forging Strong and Deep Relationships


They say we are the sum totally of the 5 people we spend most time with. So take a moment, how important are these people to you? And how loving, supporting, kind and open are you being with them?  These people are your team, your family, there’s so much joy to be had in being a wonderful friend.  Often we can become so career focused we forget how important relationships and experiences really are.

Making a Plan


This is especially great for all the creatives out there. Stop blowing in the wind. Having a plan in life is such a wonderful backbone to all creative endeavours and puts us in a position to affect life rather than floating from one project to the next. Try just planning every day for the first week of January the night before and see how productive you become. It’s a brilliant way to honour yourself and really step into power.

Being Malleable

While planning is wonderful, being too rigid in life can send us too far the other way. Being malleable is an art form, it’s meeting life,  where it is moment to moment. Finding that balance with planning and dancing with life is key. People, places and situations are always fluid and being able to move with ever changing situations will make a huge success of you. See what works, making changes,  and make it happen. 

Having Fun and Being Generous

Life isn’t that serious. Yes, you have bills to pay and things get tough, but life is inherently hilarious. You are space dust, consciousness, love and intellect all rolled up in to a shaved monkey suit. So I’ll say it again. Life is not that serious. Life is deep, at times painful, beautiful and creative, so lighten up and watch the world lighten up with you. So get out there, be cheeky, be kind, give of your time and love, enjoy it. We’re only here once.


So it’s 2017, time to step it up. This is a fresh start for all 7 billion of us, so instead of making crazy over the top idealistic resolutions why not take a considered, positive step towards living the life you dream of.  The key to it all… It’s an inside game.

Words by Mark Collin, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach. His Healing and Life Coaching practise is in Central London to get in touch, drop him a line and make 2017 the most golden, successful year of your life. See his website here. Contact: – (+44) 07949056111