When you are going on a first date, or you’re only just getting to know somebody after a few times meeting, there is a good chance that your next date could end up in a bit of a disaster. They might seem perfect in their dating profile, or seemed really nice when you met them in a bar after a few drinks but those first few dates can go either way.

Nobody wants to waste their time going on dates with people that they are not compatible with, so here are some tips on how to look out for potential dating disasters.

They keep changing the arrangements

If the person you are lined up to go on a date with keeps coming up with excuses to change the day of the date, they could genuinely have lots of unexpected commitments come up, but it also indicates they might not be overly interested. You will have to work out whether it is worth giving them the benefit of the doubt but also be mindful that this one, maybe, just wasn’t meant to be.



You don’t know much about them

Whether you are using online dating or someone has introduced you to your date, you should try and get a fair amount of background information before you agree to go on a date. Whilst you don’t want to interrogate, you can ask a few insightful questions before you meet up to make sure you will at least have some things in common that you can talk about. If their dating profile on Badoo, for example, is quite short of details, then you should try and find more information out yourself. Badoo’s site ‘The Truth’ offers up lots of interesting tips on dating, and some handy ones on how to use dating apps and communicate with people on there, so it’s worth giving them a browse!

Their photos look old on their dating profile

If you met someone through a dating app, remember that some people will use an old photo. To avoid being shocked when you meet up, you might be able to work out whether it was a recent one by the quality of the photo. Also, look for any signs in the background that the photo was taken some time ago, so you know if the person is considerably older. If they have no photos or only one photo then this could also be a warning sign that they are trying to avoid sharing their current appearance, or aren’t who they profess to be.

Choosing a bad venue

The venue of the date should match the stage in dating that you are at. For a first date, it is a good idea to meet somewhere busy for a coffee/drink, or somewhere that helps break the ice, like bowling. Going to somewhere like the cinema, or the theatre might sound like a nice idea but it won’t give you the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. It also doesn’t give you the option to leave after a quick drink if your date is not your cup of tea!

Dating disasters happen all of the time but if you look out for some of the key signs that it could end up that way, you might be able to avoid them completely.