You might know Rachel Khoo for a many things. In the last few years, the beautiful chef and foodie has gone from strength to strength; from The Little Paris Kitchen, her first TV series in 2012, to bestselling cookbooks and the face of national fashion campaigns, it seems there’s very little the lady can’t do. We caught up with her to find out about beauty, brunch and, of course, her baking habits…

You always look so glam on the telly. What are 3 beauty products you couldn’t live without?

It would have to be my lipstick, at the moment I’m wearing Cherry Lush by Tom Ford. Then I have a liquid liner from The Body Shop, I’ve tried expensive ones and cheaper ones but their’s just works perfectly for me. Then for foundation it would have to be Armani’s Maestro. 

Credit: Rachel Khoo - Instagram

Credit: Rachel Khoo – Instagram

If you’re dining al fresco, what’s your favourite picnic spot in London?

RK: Victoria Park. I cycle a lot, so if you see a woman on an ugly bike wearing a bright yellow mac that will be me.

Let’s talk brunch. If you could go to one place for breakfast in London where would it be?

I love Well Street Kitchen in Hackney. They’re not open on Mondays, but at the weekend they do a good brunch.


What’s your favourite way to wind down after a long day?

Eating some cheese and crackers, of course!

*We then discussed cheese for a long time…*

Your food is always beautiful. Do you feel like your background in fashion and art has influenced your cooking?

Credit: Rachel Koo - Instagram

Credit: Rachel Khoo – Instagram

Yes definitely. I always think about the visual side of things. I like to try and capture the try colour of the foods I’m cooking. For instance when when you roast peaches the colour dulls, but when you steam them in the oven it really captures that sunset dusty peach colour. Of course the artistic, creative side of me wants it to look beautiful on the plate.

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Photo credit: Rachel Khoo - Instagram

Photo credit: Rachel Khoo – Instagram

Photo credit header: David Loftus