TikTok is a relatively new platform among all other social networks, and therefore many content creators who are just starting their journey do not quite understand how they should handle it. In fact, TikTok is not much different from all other social networks and obeys approximately the same principles, with a few exceptions. 

For example, in TikTok there will be a slightly different interaction with the audience – in other social networks you communicate with your subscribers using text, and here it will be most convenient to do it using video. This way you simultaneously stay in touch with your viewers and expand the range of your content, increasing your chances of more likes and fame. Let’s figure out how you can increase the engagement of your audience in your videos: we will give 4 tips that will not require any investment from you, except for time and effort, and 1 that will require a small investment of funds. Let’s start from the free ones!

  1. Returning to what we have already noted: if someone asks you a question in the comments, take a moment to film a video answer. In TikTok, such answers are constantly becoming popular, not less popular than the videos themselves, to which questions were asked. This allows you to have a dialog with the viewer and at the same time reveal yourself or your brand or your hobby to people from other sides.
  2. Don’t follow trends thoughtlessly. Still, you need to constantly analyze your audience and how it is changing – videos that will appeal to young children will leave adults completely indifferent and vice versa. Even if you see that some trend in TikTok is gaining momentum, do not be lazy to first understand what audience it is suitable for and analyze whether there are such people among your subscribers. If you are a beginner and you do not have an audience at all, then you can still afford to try yourself in a variety of trends and see which one will go best. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to change completely or change the subject of your profile slightly if you see that your development has reached a dead end. Many people cling to a once-chosen role too much, and this can slow down their growth. Remember: even in other social networks, people from time to time change the design, profile description and style of how they are writing posts. TikTok is no different in this regard: to keep people’s attention, you need to change from time to time for the better or choose a different direction for your growth. Keep this in mind and don’t be afraid to move away from the original scenario.
  4. Arrange Q&A’s in video format – it helps a lot to expand the feed of your own publications and communicate with people. You can also be tagged by other video creators who may want to ask you a question or film the same trend with you – this is how collaborations are created in TikTok. This is a great way for a beginner to show up and demonstrate that you belong to this community and that you have friends here. Normally, it always helps to increase the number of subscriptions.
  5. And now to the money one: have you ever heard of a chance to buy TikTok followers? Yes, it will require some financial investments from you, but you can’t even imagine what a booster for your development on TikTok it can become. Such a purchase will save you time, effort and give you a lot of new opportunities – you can easily forget about the past worries that your profile is not growing as intensively as if you had at least some experience in the promotion of social networks before. With paid services like this, you will be able to concentrate only on generating cool content, and entrust everything else to professionals.

Let’s summarize: what have we learned about online promotion on TikTok today? To achieve tangible results in the shortest possible time, you really should combine the unpaid methods and the paid ones – fortunately, a chance to buy followers on TikTok is absolutely not a problem right now. Good sites that promote profiles on social networks will even be able to provide you with free trial packages so that you can understand exactly whether you need their services or not and what quality you can count on.