One of the most visually striking features of the human face can be improved by a bichectomy, in which excess fat is removed from the cheeks and any resulting deformities are corrected. Having extra fat on the cheeks can make a person appear heavier than they are. Adipose tissue in the cheeks, particularly in women, may make the face seem youthful and appealing while the person is young, but it sags and loses its appeal as people age. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed surgically with a bichectomy by removing excess fat from the cheeks.

Before diving into a detailed review of the two most appealing post-bichectomy surgeries accessible today, we’ll carefully examine what to expect throughout the recovery process following Bichectomy.

Be Careful with the Recovery Period

How one individual recovers from an injury or illness may vary from another’s. In the days following surgery, edema is a possible side effect. It’s common to experience some swelling following surgery, but any swelling you experience should go down within the first week. Two to four months after the procedure, the results on the cheeks should be visible. Food and drink intake immediately following surgery is crucial.

Pay close attention to the advice of the surgeon in this matter. After a bichectomy, patients should avoid eating solid foods for the first day. Keep in mind that sutures inside the mouth are vulnerable to injury by chewing. As a result, the day following surgery, you may only take liquids. Solid meals can be eaten more regularly starting the next day. Infection can be avoided by paying close attention to dental hygiene, quitting smoking permanently, and using the recommended mouthwash regularly. All sensitivity returns to normal when the sutures dissolve, which only takes a few days.

Achieve a Youthful Appearance by Maintaining Facial Symmetry and a Defined Jawline

As its name implies, jawline filler is a non-surgical cosmetic technique that shapes the jawline. Treatment with this method is commonly used to restore age-related volume loss in the jaw. Most people are dissatisfied with their looks when they have a narrow jawline, which is a structural trait. Applying filler to the jawline might help you seem more attractive.

The places to be injected with filler are identified after the doctor examines the patient, and the operation to get the best jawline structures may begin immediately. An anaesthetic cream is given to the jaw region, and the doctor waits around half an hour until the numbness is obtained if the jawline filler being used contains hyaluronic acid. The application can begin approximately half an hour after the jaw has become fully numb. A suitable amount of the patient’s fat will need to be taken beforehand if fat-based fillers will be used in the treatment. Given these benefits, Jawline Filler is a natural extension of the Bichectomy operation that greatly improves its efficacy and aesthetic appeal.

Improve Your Already Gorgeous Face with a Nose Job

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is surgery in which the bone and cartilage of the nose are surgically reshaped to alter the nose’s appearance. This method also fixes respiratory difficulties, congenital anomalies, and injury-related deformities. Some people have noses that are too short, while others have noses that are too long, therefore it may be necessary to reduce the extra nasal hump in either case.

After a nose operation, the patient will have a nose that is proportionate and natural in appearance. Given these gains, it’s clear that adding a Rhinoplasty to your Bichectomy will considerably enhance the results of the procedure and boost your self-esteem as a whole.

You can trust the skilled professionals at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery to help you feel and look your best during all of these procedures and on your road to improved self-esteem. You may find more information about these processes on their website, where you can also browse our website if you’re curious about the extent of experience they have.