Greek food doesn’t hold back when it comes to flavor, from tasty souvlaki to tantalizing kleftiko to boiling moussaka. Greeks are a passionate people, and their cuisine is a great way to demonstrate that. Greek cuisine makes excellent use of fresh regional foods such as Greek vegetables, olive oil, lemon juice, various types of seafood, meat, and cereals. The variety of fresh and dried herbs used in Greek cooking gives their food a rich taste.

There is a wide variety of places to suit your preferences and budget, ranging from conventional tavernas to modern cafés and everything in between. The best Greek restaurants near me provide something for everyone, whether fresh seafood or a savory dish is more your style. Here are some of our favorite Greek restaurants, each stuffed to the gills with every Greek dish.

Andy’s Greek Taverna

Andy’s Greek Taverna is undoubtedly the best place in London to eat Greek food. Andy’s Greek Taverna first opened its doors in 1967, and they’ve perfected its hospitality over the past 50 years. Even before we get to the cuisine, which is among the best in Camden, you’ll be greeted like a family member at this restaurant, decorated in the style of a classic Greek taverna.

You’ll have difficulty deciding which dishes to order at Andy’s Greek Taverna. You’ll receive everything you could desire, including swordfish, spanakopita, lamb kleftiko, freshly-fried calamari coated with lemon, Corfu-style prawns, and a filo pastry pie loaded with feta and chopped spinach. They also provide a variety of vegetarian alternatives so that you can bring your vegetarian friends with you.


Lemonia is a local landmark with outstanding food and a great environment, and it has had many renowned visitors. This local landmark, located in lush Primrose Hill, home to London’s most beautiful sight, has been attracting tourists in droves for almost 40 years. Lemonia originally opened its doors in 1979 and has since evolved its menu into not just one of the most beautiful examples of Greek food available but also one with reasonable costs.

The rabbit braised in wine with herbal products, the marinated fish, the grilled fish cubes, the artichokes with broad beans in a rich tomato sauce, and the quails drizzled in olive oil with garlic are some of the outstanding dishes. Additionally, a three-course set lunch menu is available from Monday through Friday for only £16.50. So, this is the place to go if you want to enjoy some fantastic Greek food on a tight budget.

Hungry Donkey

If you’re ever in East London, stop by this bright and colorful spot just off Petticoat Lane for a bite to eat. Their cuisine is organically produced and has a variety of sauces and pitas. Every dish is fresh, simple, and quick to prepare but does not sacrifice taste, making it one of the great Greek Restaurants in the area.

Hungry Donkey’s food is fast, fresh, and flavorful, inspired by Athenian street food, with organically-sourced items making regular appearances on the menu. The chef keeps things basic yet honest, employing the best ingredients to create a menu of hot and cold mezédes, souvlaki, and smashing platters. All your favorite dips are available, and the fried halloumi cheese is so excellent that you’ll order it twice before you’ve eaten the first. Overall, it’s a modern Greek restaurant that simply happens to specialize in street cuisine, making it ideal for a quick lunch.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek is a lively franchise restaurant inspired by tasty and healthful Eastern Mediterranean food. This well-known brand has 12 London locations ranging from Dulwich to Covent Garden, and the setting is centered on recreating a traditional Greek family lunch. The Real Greek takes pride in their dedication to offering real Greek food.

The Real Greek provides a natural setting for residents, families, and guests to unwind and enjoy a variety of classic Greek dishes. The menu is dominated by hot and cold mezes, which go well with a bottle of Mythos beer, but there are also souvlaki wraps, salads, and a few extras to choose from. However, The Real Greek likes to try new flavors, so you’ll find dishes like jackfruit stifado on their menu. The Real Greek can be found in several locations across London, and you can find further information at nicelocal.


Opso is an old Greek term meaning a tasty bite of food, and the food at Opso indeed reflects that notion. The menu provides social-style dining dishes to be shared with family and friends, inspired by traditional and modern Greek tastes. Opso is ideal for those searching for a fast bite to eat. This Greek restaurant specializes in small plates and light meals, featuring items you won’t find anyplace else.

Opso is a clean-cut, stylish, and upscale Marylebone cafe where you can order feta kataifi with thyme honey and sesame seeds or the Greek salad with Kytherian olive oil rusks. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Opso also serves brunch. So, the next time you’re in town, step off the train at Baker Street and head down to Opso cafe.