We love good food, so we really appreciate a holiday, albeit an American one, which celebrates and gives thanks for just that – food. Originally a holiday to give thanks for the autumn harvest to Americans, Thanksgiving is now all about celebrating food, family and friends. The fourth Thursday of November is a Thursday stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce and doorstops of pecan pie. And boy, do we love pecan pie. Here’s our round up of London’s best spots to give thanks on November 26th.

1. For Turkey and All the Trimmings: The Big Easy


What: We like to see the 26th of November as a Christmas warm up. It’s almost exactly the same menu – turkey, stuffing, a lot of carbs and gravy. If you plan on going all out on the roast meat for Thanksgiving, the Big Easy is serving up smoked turkey with every possible trimming (think stuffing, gravy, mash, vegetables plus fruity sauces).  The set menu also includes the obligatory pumpkin pie (we suggest you leave room for pie!).

Where: Covent Garden, Kings Road and Canary Wharf

Price: 3 courses for £30

2. For an All American Family Celebration: Christopher’s


What: As well as being a celebration of food, Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to give thanks for family and friends (over food of course!). The elegant dining room at Christopher’s is the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving get together. The special three course Thanksgiving menu has something for everyone from the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie combo to the less conventional roast salmon with lobster kale mash. Oh, and there is peanut butter chocolate tart with espresso ice cream on the dessert menu.

Where: Covent Garden

Price: 3 courses for £55

3. For Dinner at Home: Bea’s of Bloomsbury


What: Best known for its yummy cakes and buttery scones, Bea’s steps it up at Thanksgiving with a delivered-to-your-door all singing, all dancing full roast dinner plus dessert. If you fancy hosting a party at home but cooking a roast post-work is out of the question, get in touch with Bea’s ASAP to pre-order your Thanksgiving dinner.

Where: Order online or by phone

Price: Varies by order

4. For Pie: Outsider Tart


What: Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, apple pie…..pies are definitely a reason to give thanks. A Thanksgiving supper staple, eating variations of pie are a sweet and simple way to celebrate.  If the thought of a turkey dinner in November makes you want to cry, head to Outsider Tart and get yourself a selection of all-American baked goods – just dessert, no turkey. The fourth Thursday in November is made for American dessert.

Where: Chiswick

Price: Various

5. For Drinks and Dancing: Blues Kitchen


What: Soul music and soul food sounds like a seriously good way to spend a Thursday night. The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch has live music all night, a special Thanksgiving menu with a Southern soul food twist and a guaranteed great party. And if you need convincing, their corn bread is definitely something to give thanks for.

Where: Shoreditch

Price: Free entry; food and drink as per menu