Looking for the most amazing, indulgent dishes and treats in London? Whether it’s a salted caramel brownie, an incredible cheeseburger or the ultimate milkshake, here’s our top must-try picks. And if you’re looking for a feast abroad, discover top 10 ultimate man vs food challenges in the US as chosen by Netflights. Here’s where to feast in London:

1. Salted Caramel Brownies at Bad Brownie Co.

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What: Salted Caramel Brownie Box (£25)

The Lowdown: To be honest, these aren’t just any old brownies. Oh no. They are brownies with attitude – sexy, edgy and just so delicious. Imagine the softest, gooiest, tastiest and most decadent brownies ever, that’s Bad Brownie. 

Don’t Miss: We love the quirky flavours of Bad Brownie,  including salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolate, bacon and maple syrup. Yes, you read right: BACON BROWNIES. The Salted Caramel Brownie is pure sex in cake form, I’ll tell you that for free. Also, if you’re vegan, they’ve created the baddest vegan brownie around, packed with dark chocolate and rich, plant-based ingredients with vegan salted caramel sauce. . It’s also free from gluten, nuts, dairy and eggs. Win.

Where: Buy them here

2. Cheeseburger at Lucky Chip

What: El Chappo – aged beef patty, smoked bacon, roasted jalapeños, blue cheese and aioli (£6.95).

The Lowdown: We first stumbled across The Lucky Chip on a boozy Saturday afternoon in summer down at The Queen’s Head. From then, we’ve never looked back. Here, expect quirky flavours like the duck, veal and marrow patty with foie gras or the Royale with cheese with their home-made special sauce. Glance around the place and you’ll see people nodding in appreciation towards these exceptional burgers, before inhaling another bite. One of the best cheesebugers in London; o need for knives and forks when you have hands.

Don’t Miss: White poultry fan? Go wild for the buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing.

Where: Locations here 

3. Chocolate Cake at Bea’s

What: Triple chocolate cake

The Lowdown: The 3-layer cake to end all cakes: chocolate Devil’s Food cake, smooth chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate truffle, layered together and glazed in chocolate. Glorious. With stores in Bloomsbury, St Paul’s and Farringdon, Bea’s serves customers across London with the best cake around.

Don’t Miss: Bea’s of Bloomsbury is an independent tea room, known for baking unique goodies, with a menu based on using the best seasonal ingredients available – it’s all about care and dedication with this team. Their afternoon tea has won them a mantlepiece full of awards and that equals great cakes. Note: the white chocolate blondies at Bea’s are an absolute beauty and will certainly perk you up on a Sunday afternoon.

Where: Locations here

4. Pancakes at My Old Dutch

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Order: Poffertjes – mini pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce and ducted with icing sugar (£5.95)

The Lowdown: My Old Dutch knows their batter. They’ve made more pancakes than you’ve had hot dinners – these guys are a pancake powerhouse.

Don’t Miss: At My Old Dutch they serve poffertjets, which uses the same type of batter used for a Dutch baby, but instead of a large pancake, they’re served in miniature form. And thank goodness that My Old Dutch bang plenty of these delicious morsels on your plate; light, fluffy and totally moreish, they’re the ultimate sweet treat. Presentation isn’t going to win them any gold stars, but let us tell you this: they taste mighty fine.

Where: Locations here

5. Mac n’ Cheese 

What: Mac n’ Cheese with a biscuit crust (£3.95)

The Lowdown: Joe’s Southern Kitchen brings the authentic American taste of the South to London diners. Not a place you’d take a first date, but a great place to go with friends as it’s all about getting your fingers dirty and your face sticky.

Don’t Miss: We’re talking about Southern fried chicken, 8 hour slow roast short ribs and pulled pork buns.  If there’s one side dish to get, order their mac ‘n cheese – not too heavy and a perfect accompaniment to all the meat. Probably not one for the vegetarians.

Where: Locations here