Things that make us happy:

1. Locating new burgers in London.

2. Talking about new burgers in London.

3. Eating new burgers in London.

If you care to stray away from your classic burger order, take it from us – you’re in for a good time. Here’s the best new burgers gracing the capital this month:

1. For a Burger Tower: Lucky Chip 

What: To celebrate 20 years since The Big Lebowski hit cinema screens (how could we forget about Jeff Bridges’ luscious locks), Lucky Chip have unveiled a limited edition burger. The Lebowski Tower aka The Dude Burger is available at all Lucky Chip sites for the entire month of March.

The Burger: A burger perfect for the Dude himself, the burger features an aged beef patty, Jack cheese, smoked bacon, fried green tomatoes, onion rings, Black Russian BBQ sauce with totally baked pineapple, man.

Where: Lucky Chip at The Old Queens Head, Camden Assembly and the Sebright Arms.

2. For a Burger Collab: Honest Burgers x The Cheese Truck 

What: This is what happens when you get to know British cheese melting royalty. Mathew from The Cheese Truck has been perfecting grilled cheese at street food markets and festivals for years and has recently opened The Cheese Bar that’s dedicated to cheese, and is just around the corner from Honest Burgers in Camden.

The Burger: Built into The Cheese Truck burger is a smoked, deep fried and crispy British mozzarella, made by Simona, an Italian from West London who smokes it to order before Mathew and The Cheese Bar team work their magic. Stacked on top of the mozzarella is an Honest beef patty (homemade in Honest’s brand new butchery), pickles, leaves, smoked bacon and The Cheese Bar’s chipotle jam. Served with rosemary salted chips, obviously.

Where: Locations here 

3. For a Vegan Burger: Patty & Bun

What: Here’s some tasty, plant-powered news for you all: Patty and Bun have created a vegan burger and it will rock your meat-free world. The Whoopi Goldberger is Patty and Bun’s latest addition, and it’s a burger masterpiece.

The Burger: The burger features a tempeh and mushroom fritter, pickled cucumbers, diced onion, vegan double smoked gouda cheese, mustard, ketchup and lettuce, all encased in a tasty Bonsoy bun.

Where: 36 Redchurch St, London E2 7DP

Photo Credit: Justin De Souza 

4. For an Easter Burger: The Blues Kitchen 

What: As well as a seasonally rotating menu, every month The Blues Kitchen sources the best and tastiest ingredients to put together a special burger that is available across its three venues for a limited time. This month, Blues Kitchen are celebrating Easter with one almight meaty bite.

The Burger: The new Bunny Boiler burger is a medley of Easter greats. A rabbit and pork patty is topped with rocket, crispy pancetta, grainy mustard aioli and melted Swiss cheese, all nestled in a Hot Cross bun. A sweet/savoury combo that’s way better than any Creme Egg.

Where: Locations here 

5. For a Wagu Burger: Eat SMSH BN


What:Led by the esteemed Chef Mark Morrans, formerly of MNKY HOUSE and Nobu Melbourne, SMSH BN promises to redefine the burger scene with its unique twist on the beloved smash burger.

The Burger:SMSH BN menu highlights include Wagyu Cheese SMSH BN, featuring double Wagyu patties, secret sauce, crispy shallots, and more, or the plant based Vegan SMSH BN. For the early risers there is the Breakfast SMSH BN, a twist on the classic English breakfast muffin, or indulge in the decadent SMSH’d Croissants. And of course there are decadent milkshakes? Sip on classic Chocolate, Salted Caramel, or Black Cherry flavours for a blissful finale.

Where:126 Charing Cross Rd, London, WC2H 0LA