So you have a male friend, relative or loved one with a special day coming up. Or maybe you just want to treat someone to a great food gift. Whatever the case, there are a lot of different food gifts out there to consider before settling on your preferred choice. We understand that deciding what gift to get a man can be a little confusing. That is why we have done the hard work for you and listed our top five food gifts for men.

Below is a guide of the best food gifts for men. We aimed to find some lesser known gifts that you more than likely have not heard of before. The gifts will be suitable for virtually all occasions; whether it is a birthday, anniversary, promotion or just an everyday gift.

1. For Beer Lovers: Under Fine Wraps

What: Beer Hampers from Under Fine Wraps (£35 to £70)

Why: Convenient regardless of the type of beer or brew that one enjoys. The wide range of hampers is accompanied by delicious snacks including nuts, crisps, chutneys and chocolate. This is a perfect gift to share with friends, family or someone special in your life. The hampers can be ordered and delivered very quickly, making them an appropriate and thoughtful gift, even if time is not on your side.

2. For Meat Lovers: Well Hung Meat

What: Meatboxes from Well Hung Meat ( £26 to £160)

Why: The different packages contain meat products that are grown without antibiotics or added hormones. These high-quality meats are then smoked and made without any preservatives. With a wide variety of both spiced beef and pork sticks, uncured bacon pork sticks and BBQ beef sticks, every meat package contains all the chemical compounds necessary for the mental development of any man. Any box you choose will be suitable for meat lovers.

3. For Condiment Lovers: Bracken Hill

What: Bucks Fizz Marmalade from Bracken Hill (£4)

Why: This is an excellent stocking-filler for a food loving man during the Christmas season. The marmalade is perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning. It contains not only Marc de Champagne and prosecco but also an edible fairy dust that adds to the Christmas magic. Every jar of this handmade preserve contains carefully crystallised slices of fresh orange.

4. For Cheese Lovers: House of Cheese

What: Cheese from House of Cheese

Why: House of Cheese is one of the best cheese makers in the UK. Their exquisite cheeses not only activate the taste buds but also bring an air of sophistication to the humble cheeseboard. House of Cheese offers a wide variety of cheeses from which customers can choose based on their individual preferences. Whichever, cheese gift you select, you can be sure that it contains the best ingredients you will ever experience. The cheeses are suitable for holiday parties and as Valentine’s Day or anniversary gifts.

5. For a Sweet Fix: Joe & Seph’s

What: Chocolate and caramel sauces from Joe & Seph’s (£6)

Why: These organic sauces provide infinite possibilities when it comes to recipes. They make the perfect gift during the busy Christmas season for that one person you just can’t seem to find something for. The sauces are suitable for making divine milkshakes, using as toppings on waffles and making a wide array of candies. Whichever way they are used, the delicious sauces are bound to excite your taste buds.

There are many places where you can buy food gifts for men. Regardless of the purpose of the gift, the season or type of gift, there are numerous online sites from where you can order these and many other gifts.