We know and love Stilton and Cheddar, and they are always crowd-pleasers and cheeses to bring out for impromptu gatherings around the festive season.  This is the first Christmas since 2019 where we will be having real get-togethers and parties galore and throwing caution to the wind to wine, dine and be thankful for family and friends.

A cheeseboard seems appropriate, but more often than not having Mont d’Or in its box baked in the oven until piping hot and served with cubes of crusty bread, or tiny steamed potatoes with broccoli is a quick and almost fancy way of serving up fondue – and no washing up as you throw away the box when finished.

Keeping a few cheeses carefully aside for friends and family arriving out of the blue is a good idea, but serving a selection of 5 to 7 cheeses starting with a light goat, followed by a creamy crumbly cheese, then a harder fruity style, moving to a more pungent tangy cheese and finishing with a blue takes you on a great taste journey that everyone enjoys.  Here are some of La Fromagerie‘s favourite festive cheeses for a cheeseboard.

Golden Cross fudgy goat cheese log from Sussex, and Brie de Meaux aux truffes is our speciality truffle and rich mascarpone and crème Fraiche filled Brie which we make fresh every day during the run-up to Christmas and New Year.

Don’t forget Montgomery Farmhouse Cheddar; Sharpham Cremet, a rich soft goat’s cheese with added cream from Devon and perfect with Champagne; Retorta, a Spanish soft pungent ewe’s milk cheese with a herbal punch; and Lanark Blue from Scotland, a strong and spicy blue ewe’s milk cheese. 

Having a diverse cheese board with different styles of milk and making processes gives such a great sense of fun and also exploration of the wonderful world of cheese.

For further information on La Fromagerie and the shop’s collection of cheese, see here