Baps, butties, buns or bloomers – whatever you want to call them, they taste pretty darn good when slightly warm and stuffed with your favourite breakfast foods. Smothered in your condiment of choice, and washed down with a frothy coffee, your favourite breakfast in bread is always a good shout. Here are London’s top five:

1. For Bacon: Le Swine


What: Bacon roll

Price: £5

What: Using only bacon from the country’s best free range pigs, Le Swine prides itself on top quality, seriously tasty ingredients. Every component of London’s best bacon roll is homemade, from the delicious, toasted milk and onion bap to the “swinez” (not Heinz!) tomato sauce. From the beginning, Le Swine’s mission has always been to take the humble bacon butty to new heights – we say mission accomplished, time to pig out!

Where: Locations here 

2. For Eggs: Dishoom


What: Egg naan roll

Price: £4.90

Why: Eggs, cream cheese and freshly baked bread is simple but so good. Dishoom has created something quite special with its egg roll. Instead of the typical bap, Dishoom makes its fresh naan to order in the onsite tandoor oven. The warm naan is then filled with cream cheese, chilli tomato jam, herbs and two runny, fried eggs. Plus we love the fact that Dishoom carefully sources all of its ingredients and places importance on the provenance of its food – really good eggs!

Where: Locations here 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

3. For Sausage: The Breakfast Club

BC_048 (2)

What: Posh sausage sandwich

Price: £6

Why: A British breakfast stalwart, the sausage sandwich is incredible comfort food. The Breakfast Club’s Posh Sausage Sandwich isn’t your typical pork and brown sauce. This sausage bap is extra-specially comforting – good quality sausage, smoked cheese, mushroom and red onion chutney crammed into a warm crusty roll. If you fancy being “well posh” add a soft, yolky egg.  

Where: Various locations across London

4. For A Full English: Bunnychow 

Big Breakfast
Breakfast in bread

Price: £4.50

Why:  Don’t be fooled by the name – this is not rabbit food. Created in South Africa back in the 1940s, Bunnychow is a crusty loaf with the dough scooped out and the hole is filled with anything from curry to a full English breakfast. The breakfast bunny epitomises breakfast in bread – it is a loaf stuffed with eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans and black pudding. Alternatively opt for their veggie version which replaces the meaty components with halloumi cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Where: 74 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F

5. For the Indecisive: OPSO

Mini fish burger in Squid ink bun

What: Mini brunch buns

Price: £3.50 – £6

Why: Opso have come up with a brilliant selection of brunch buns – mini breakfasts in bread – for those who want a bit of everything (no fear of food envy here!). The mini buns include a salmon burger with tomato jam and garlic mayo and a Greek version of a hot dog in a tahini brioche bun. Choose to enjoy your brunch buns with the special Opso iced coffee (coffee, double cream, cold milk and vanilla syrup) – this is the coffee of Greek gods.

Where: 10 Paddington St, W1U 5QL (Brunch is Saturday and Sunday only)