London’s restaurants are banging our new menus thick and fast. We decided to take it upon ourselves to discover what new delicious fare is on offer. There’s everything from banana bread to Mexican sweet corn and honey cakes. You know what to do: put the kettle on and get reading.

For Breakfast: 108 Brasserie

1. For Morning Eats: 108 Brasserie 

The Lowdown: Summer is dead. But that doesn’t mean we can’t eat breakfast alfresco swaddled in thick blankets, sat under heaters. Ok, so it’s not baltic – but the option of eating breakfast outside is always appealing. And at the super swish 108 Brasserie you can do exactly that with their new ‘breakfast on the lane’ menu. On our visit we dined outside on the cobbled streets of Marylebone and take it from us, it’s exactly what your morning needs.

Eat and Drink: The sight of avocado on toast on a menu brings us so much joy; thick cut bread, a drizzle of oil and hefty chunks of the green stuff  – it’s the breakfast of champions. The 108 Brasserie’s creation lived up to our expectations, and the generous sprinkling of chilli flakes added a decent heat. Remember to order a side of two poached eggs for a good time. When there’s toasted banana bread with ricotta and caramelised pecans on a breakfast menu, you can’t not order it. French toast ain’t got nothing on this sweet beauty. Team crunchy pecans with moist banana bread and creamy ricotta, and you know you’re in breakfast heaven.

Where: 108 Marylebone Ln, Marylebone, London W1U 2QE

For Lunch: Gail’s

2. For Sandwiches and Sarnies: Gail’s

The Lowdown: Gail’s. Lovely, lovely, always reliable Gail’s. They’ve always been there in times of need; when we’re in a rush and need a grab and go breakfast (hello granola pot with fruit compote), when we want strong wifi and decent coffee, and when we’re hankering for a lunch that’s not aldesko. The bakery know their bread, but it seems they know their salads too. The team have just introduced a new lunch menu and it’s ruddy divine.

Eat and Drink: Gail’s aren’t reinventing the lunchtime wheel with their new eats – it’s hardly off the wall flavours, and they don’t succumb to every food fad going, which is probably why we’re such big fans. Salads are our jam, and the quinoa with roast veg and avocado was a quality veggie salad that hit the spot. Carnivore? Try the lamb meatballs with cous cous and salad – a far cry from your pre-packed over refrigerated supermarket salads. And their honey cakes, oh my.

Where: Locations here 

For Dinner: Wahaca

3. For Mexican Munch: Wahaca 

The Lowdown: Thomasina Miers is the driving force behind Wahaca, and this lady is the guac queen. Friends, we hear your cries of distain. Yes, it’s a chain restaurant. Yes, there’s loads of independent Mexican eateries in London. But Wahaca does what it says on the tin. If you’re after some good Mexican grub at purse friendly prices – you really can’t go wrong. The restaurant have added a couple of new dishes to the menu, and you know what, it’s all good stuff.

Eat and Drink: Take someone who’s keen to share – we’re not into ‘I don’t like sharing my food’ business. The slow-cooked mutton tacos were incredibly rich and hearty, and the crush pea and mint salsa balanced the tacos nicely. Another solid choice is the chicken club quesadilla – all the ingredients of a chicken and avocado salad sandwich stuffed into a tortilla, folded and covered in cheese. Cheese. Carbs. Chicken. We’re into it. The Devon crab tostadas were surprisingly delicious, and the crab was wonderfully dressed in a punchy ancho mayo. The twist of lemon and the creamy avocado really set the whole dish off.

Where: Locations here