We know it feels crazy starting the Christmas planning already (even we were shocked to see all the adverts back on telly this week), but there’s one part of the festive season you can never plan too early: advent calendars. We’re firm believers that you’re never too old for an advent calendar, it’s arguably the best part of the month and the selection has never been wider. Whether you’re a cheese lover, a foodie or just a chocoholic, we’ve compiled the best foodie advent calendars for Christmas 2021:

1. For Nut Butter Lovers: Pip & Nut

best foodie advent calendars for Christmas 2021

The Run-Down: The squirrels at Pip & Nut HQ have been very busy with the launch of the brand’s very first advent calendar – and it’s a good’un. Featuring 24 ridiculously delicious, dark chocolate vegan nut butter cups, in both peanut butter and almond butter flavours, prepare for a nut-tastic, taste sensation behind every door. You’d be nuts to miss out…

Price: £20

Where: Selfridges, Planet Organic and Wholefoods

2. For a Classic Calendar: Lindt

best foodie advent calendars for Christmas 2021

The Run-Down: The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have left no chocolate unturned when it comes to its all-new advent calendar. Cute and iconic, the Lindt TEDDY features in this new advent calendar which is filled with a various selection of Teddy Truffles (milk, double milk or hazelnut chocolate), Teddy milk chocolate, 6 Teddies with a creamy white chocolate filling and Lindor double milk mini truffles.

Price: £6

Where: Buy online

3. For a Truffle-Filled Advent Calendar: Montezuma’s

The Run-Down: Begin and end the festive season with Montezuma’s Truffle Advent Calendar, filled with a deliciously decadent selection of its best-selling truffles. Consisting of milk chocolate and salted caramel (American Idol), dark chocolate (Eclipse), milk chocolate and hazelnut praline (Secret Squirrel), and white chocolate with raspberry (Sweet summertime), there is nothing richer or creamier than these top tier selections.

Price: £29.99

Where: Buy online

4. For an Eco-Friendly Calendar: Candy Kittens 

Foodie Advent Calendars for Christmas 2021

The Run-Down: The iconic Candy Kittens advent calendar is back with an eco-twist. Having recently achieved carbon neutral status, Candy Kittens has now partnered with TreeSisters to commit to planting one tree for every purchase of its one-of-a-kind 3D shaped advent calendar to aid TreeSisters mission to accelerate global reforestation. The advent calendar is packed with a selection of Candy Kittens’ vegan gourmet sweets, including new flavours, which have been created with real fruit juices, no artificial colours or flavours.

Price: £12

Where: Buy online

5. For Mochi Madness: Little Moons

The Run-Down: The Little Moons Advent Calendar has returned for 2021, and features 24 doors of delicious mochi balls to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas. The calendar features a trio of new festive flavours: Mince Pie, filled with creamy gelato ice cream that’s full of warming Christmas spices with sweet, dried vine fruits, and a hint of tangy citrus and brandy, Candy Cane, a peppermint mash-up, and The Nutcracker, creamy hazelnut gelato ice cream, studded with pieces of caramelised hazelnuts and salted caramel crunch.

Price: £35

Where: Online, Selfridges, and the Little Moons’ Westfield Pop-up

6. For All the Cheese: So Wrong It’s Nom

The Run-Down: Don’t fancy chocolate? It’s all about the dairy delights (we’re talking about cheese). In a twist for 2021, So Wong It’s Nom’s calendar now contains 24 individual ‘chuckles’ of cheese, encased in recyclable, fridge-door-friendly packaging, in nine varieties from award-winning cheese specialists, Norseland. Joining this year’s line-up is the limited-edition Ilchester Apple, Onion and Sage – a versatile and uniquely-flavoured British cheddar with a well-rounded, sweet apple flavour, and savoury notes.

Price: £8

Where: Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl, and Ocado

7. For a Luxury Calendar: Cartografie

The Run-Down: Purposeful, beautiful and sustainable, Cartografie’s advent calendar consists of 25 individual boxed Cartografie chocolates – think unique pralines, ganaches and chocolate discs – enclosed in a hand crafted wooden calendar, complete with information cards for each chocolate. Worth the cash, trust us on this.

Price: £155

Where: Buy online

8. For Popcorn: Joe and Seph’s

The Run-Down: Fill your boots with a whole lotta corn lovin’ during the festive season thanks to Joe and Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar. This year’s calendar features 19 unique flavours behind the 24 festive cubbyholes; from the most popular gourmet flavours, award-winners, festive favourites and several marvellous exclusives including Brandy Butter, Apple and Custard and Gingerbread popcorn, as well as an extra-large, special treat behind door 24.

Price: £30

Where: Buy online

9. For Fancy Chocolate: Chococo

The Run-Down: Multi-award-winning, Dorset-based, independent, chocolatier Chococo have pulled out all the stops for its 2021 advent calendar. The Classic Advent Selection Box contains 25 different flavours and included in this year’s selection are new flavours such as Cherry Bakewell (pure almond butter blended with white chocolate topped with a Dorset-made sour cherry jam), Pedro and Prune (prunes steeped in Pedro Ximenez sherry) and rich buttery Molasses and Brown Butter Caramel. 

Price: £25

Where: Buy online 

10. For Fairtrade Chocolate: Tony’s Chocoloney

The Run-Down: Due to massive Choco Fan demand, Tony’s Chocoloney has knocked out its first ever Countdown Calendar for Christmas 2021. The calendar features 25 Tiny Tony’s in all of Tony’s much-loved classic flavours. Every chocolate is accompanied by a tiny mission to help spread festive joy, but also learn about the bitter truth about the chocolate industry.

Price: £14

Where: Online, Sainsbury’s and Ocado