The 12th Weekly Wang had us visit a now familiar face in Soho.

Tucked away down St Anne’s court, Billy and the Chicks was born out of the nostalgic feeling the owners used to get from eating fried chicken. One that they wanted to replicate, better and share.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Billy and The Chicks: The Facts

Name: Billy and the Chicks

Location: Soho

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (11AM-11PM)

Time of Visit: Thursday; 7:30pm

Weather: Spring has not sprung. Classic.

Wing of Choice: Hot and Spicy Free Range Wings

Billy and The Chicks: The Ratings

Presentation: Thrown down on a metal tray; the presentation was basic to the extent that it was unnoticeable. Immediately noticeable though was the complete absence of any form of sauce. #Brexit.

Temperature and Texture: The wings were certainly warm on arrival. However, I got the sense that they were not freshly made and had been kept under heated lamps for some time. A small gripe though, when one considers the fact that they remained warm throughout the rest of the meal.

That aside, these wangz were plump little fellows, with meat that fell away easily from the bone. On top of that, the skin was lightly fried and felt good in the mouth; the culinary equivalent of velvet to the skin. Another important quality to point out was the lack of noticeable oil. Therefore, you didn’t feel like a greasy disgrace as you ate them. No shame. No shame. No shame.

Size: A mix of flats and drums, with about four bites per wing. Twelve of these wings were easily enough for two. Watson and I obliged without hesitation.

Flavour: The lack of sauce really put a focus on the seasoned crumb; the recipe of which Billy and the Chicks like to keep a secret. And you can understand why, as boy do they deliver. Neither meek in their flavouring nor over the top, these wings delivered a great spicy hit that struck a perfect balance.

It’s fair to say that these wings certainly get away with having no sauce on the side. Saying that, I still think it’s always good to have the option (as long as we’re not talking Heinz or Hellmanns here).

Heat: These wings supply the taste buds with a delicate heat that slowly builds up and warms one’s palate. A cosy sensation – similar to sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s night. Unfortunately, I got a little too close to the fire/devoured my wings too quickly and was left with a slight snivel in my left nostril and the occasional hiccup.

Accessories: As mentioned, there were no side accompaniments. Therefore, to fill out this section, I’ll simply mention that I ate my wings whilst Kanye boomed out on the speakers. #Livingmybestlife.

Cost: Twelve for £8.50. Now that’s a great deal.

Extras: Lots of napkins. No discard bin. Water (no ice). Simples.

Billy and The Chicks: The Bottom Line


Cheap and cheerful, le chick, c’est chic.

Note: These wings are hard to review, as they definitely fit better into the fried chicken category. Rather than the traditional (buffalo) chicken wing category, we tend to review. As the former they’re definitely 4/5. As the latter, they’re more like a 3/5.

For more information on Billy and the Chicks, see their website here

27-28 St Anne’s Ct, Soho, London W1F 0BN

Header Image Credit: Jenni Sparks