Well, what do you know, Tasty Tuesdays is back! Discover the very best confectionery launches below and you can unearth the latest soft drink trends here. Time for a cuppa?

1. For Share Bags: Lily O’Briens

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What: Lily O’Brien’s, is delighted to introduce a brand-new flavour to the Share Bag collection: Crispy Butterscotch.

The Lowdown: Oh-so-moreish, the Crispy Butterscotch flavour combines Lily O’Brien’s famous Milk Chocolate with crunchy butterscotch pieces, to deliver an outstanding and indulgent taste experience. Handcrafted to perfection, these share bags offer chocolate lovers a mouth-watering taste experience. Made with the finest quality ingredients, it makes them almost impossible to share.

Price: £2.50

Stockists: Available in major retailers nationwide, including Asda and Morrisons, or online at www.lilyobriens.co.uk

2. For a Cinema Treat: Thorntons Pearls

Confectionery Launches, new Confectionery Launches, best Confectionery Launches

What: Looking for something different? Try new Thorntons Pearls – a new new luxury offering from Thorntons. A surprisingly delicious way to experience a little bit of luxury, almost a century of British chocolate-making passion has been distilled into each Thorntons Pearl for you to enjoy.

The Lowdown: Thorntons Pearls are available in two delicious flavours; Salted Caramel and Nutty Crunch. Each rich centre is encased in Thorntons signature chocolate and individually wrapped for a touch of sophistication. With rich and gooey caramel covered in smooth milk chocolate, and delicately flavoured with a hint of sea salt, Salted Caramel Pearls are sure to provide a surprising taste of opulence with each mouthful. Perfect for your next movie night, dinner party or coffee with friends.

Price: £5 / £8

Stockist: Thorntons Online & Thorntons Stores nationwide

3. For Premium Chocolate: Nestle

Confectionery Launches, new Confectionery Launches, best Confectionery Launches

What: Translating as “Recipes of the Artisan’s shop”, Nestle’s premium chocolate range Les Recettes de L’Atelier is made with carefully selected, high quality ingredients. The bars are made from 100% cocoa and are free of artificial colours and flavourings, giving them their premium taste.

The Lowdown: Les Recettes De l’Atelier was launched in Switzerland and France in 2014 and has grown to become Nestlé’s fastest growing confectionery brand in Europe, now sold in more than 15 countries. They come in delicious flavours such as Salted Caramel, Blonde Chocolate with Almonds & Hazlenuts and Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cranberries.

Price: From £2 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s

4. For Chocolate with More: Benefit Chocolate

Benefit Chocolate

What: The award-winning Benefit Chocolate, from UK based company Montrose Chocolate, is an innovative vegan snack that comes from the brand behind Benefit Drinks – and shares its ethos, combining the very best ingredients with added “benefits” to create functional, yet indulgent bars of chocolate.

The Lowdown: Benefit Chocolate is there for you to indulge with the best intentions. The farm to bar range is made using single-origin chocolate and comes in three varieties. The Protein Bar is enriched with almond butter, coconut and pea protein which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass. The Vitamins Bar gives you 50% of your recommended daily intake of 12 vitamins which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system, and The Energy Bar delivers three key B vitamins including B5 B6 and B12 which contribute to a normal energy yielding metabolism.

Price: 40g bars priced at £1.75 and 80g bars priced at £3.50

Stockists: Online here and Amazon here

5. For Fresh Fruit Lollies: Blue Skies

Blue Skies lollies

What: Blue Skies have launched a brand new range of fresh fruit ice lollies made from fresh fruit with zero artificial ingredients. The range of flavours means they are perfect for sharing with the whole family.

The Lowdown: The ice lollies from BlueSkies are made with fresh fruit which is handpicked, pressed and frozen just a short distance from the fruit farm to provide serious freshness and a refreshingly natural alternative with zero artificial ingredients. Mango lovers can cool down on Mango Medley with Mango, Mango Pineapple & Passion Fruit and Mango & Strawberry varieties, while tropical enthusiasts can tantalise their taste buds with Tropical Trio which bursts with Pineapple & Ginger, Passion Fruit and Watermelon & Lime.

Price: £2

Stockists: Tesco