We’re back! After a brief hiatus (we ate too many snacks), our favourite consumer shopping column Tasty Tuesdays is back! If you don’t know, Tasty Tuesdays on About Time serves up the latest F&B news, from product launches to innovative food start-ups, we’ve got all the foodie gossip. This week is a bumper edition – we’ve got so many products, we’ve had to split them into different guides! Check out this week’s round-up of the best new drinks launches:

1. For Dairy-Free Drinks: Rude Health

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What: Rude Health have launched two varieties of dairy-free hot drinks – a Hot Chocolate and a Turmeric LatteThe new drinks come premade and premixed in ambient 1L cartons. Just heat in the microwave or on a hob, for a flavour packed hot drink, in an instantRude Health’s new hot drinks are organic and made only from all-natural ingredients – nothing artificial or refined, just like the rest of Rude Health’s range.
The Lowdown: Hot chocolate just got hotter. Erase memories of sugary, powdered hot chocolate, this is something completely different. They’ve combined cacao with the comforting creaminess of oats to make a velvety dairy-free hot chocolate that is ready when you are. Just heat and serve. Rude Health’s instant Turmeric Latte gets its amazing colour from turmeric, and comes with a little zing thanks to ginger, cinnamon and pinch of black pepperIt’s a tingle your tastebuds will enjoy. Simply pour one of their new hot drinks in a mug, pop it in the microwave for a minute or two and enjoy.

Price: £3

Stockists: Waitrose, Ocado and the Rude Health website

2. For a Pick-Me-Up: Arctic Iced Coffee

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What:If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to pick you up, it’s caffeine. Getting that hit on-the-go is even easier and now a whole lot tastier with Arctic Iced Coffee, which blends fresh Devon milk with Fairtrade arabica beans for a great tasting cold drink.

The Lowdown: Made in a dairy in the heart of Devon, Arctic Iced Coffee is a perfect blend of fresh Devonshire milk and premium Colombian arabica beans. Its use of fresh milk results in a thicker, creamier finish, nothing like that UHT stuff, for a really delicious drink. Enjoy Café Latte, Skinny Latte, Caramel Latte and Mocha which offer the right level of coffee and sweetness, making them ideal for a mid-morning snack or helping to fight off the dreaded afternoon slump.

Price: £1.00

Stockists: Tesco, Sainsbury’s Morrison’s, Spar, Nisa, Ocado and selected WH Smith Travel stores

3. For Vibrant Drinks: innocent Plus

What: innocent’s new innocent plus range – the new range is full of fruit, vegetables, botanicals and vitamins. Available in four delicious recipes – Bolt from the Blue, Berry Set Go, Wonder Green and Citrus Shield, each flavour has tailored health benefits to energise, invigorate, support or protect; allowing drinkers to choose what kind of boost they want.

The Lowdown: As part of the range, innocent has also created its first blue drink: Bolt From The Blue. It contains B1, B2, B3, B6, C vitamins and is naturally coloured with blue spirulina to give the drink its bright vibrant colour. From the first sip, drinkers will be able to discover the taste of exotic guava, lime, apple and fresh coconut water that will energise them throughout the day.

Price: £1.79 for 330ml bottles, £2.99 for 750ml bottles

Stockists: 330ml bottles are available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-Op and Boots, 750ml bottles are available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-Op, Boots, Asda and Ocado.

4. For a Dairy-Free Iced Coffee: Alpro Caffè

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What: With only 100 calories per cup, and made using Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, Alpro Caffè is a refreshing chilled coffee drink that is both good for you and good for the planet.

The Lowdown: Carefully selected and expertly blended, Alpro Caffè is available in a variety of blends, including subtly sweet Ethiopian Coffee and Soya Caramel, nutty and fragrant Brazillian Coffee and Almond, and smooth, tropical Peruvian Coffee and Coconut.

Price: From £1.80

Stockists: The range is currently available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, and is launching in Boots.

5. For New Coconut Water: Vita Coco Pressed

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What: New Vita Coco Pressed contains 100% natural ingredients with pieces of freshly pressed coconut and coconut water: offering a sweeter and nuttier taste.

The Lowdown: New Vita Coco Pressed is bursting with all the same benefits as the original flavour; nutrients, vitamins and naturally occurring electrolytes, including potassium – making its hydration qualities as good for gym goers as it is for party animals, and everyone in-between. Simply shake to enjoy all its goodness.

Price: 330 ml (£1.69), 500ml (£2.49) or 1litre (£3.49)

Stockists: Tesco, Morrison’s, Coop, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Wholefoods

6. For Fancy Water: Rejuvenation Water hydration+

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What: Award-winning and fast-growing Rejuvenation Water brand has launched an exciting new range of plant-based protein/amino acid and electrolytes enriched sparkling waters. There are three flavours in the new hydration+ range: Cherry & Cranberry; Tropical; Lime & Lemon – all available in fully recyclable 250ml slimline cans.

The Lowdown: Containing botanical extracts, the drinks are all natural, low calorie (50 kcal or less), low sugar and vegan. The unique formulation contained in the hydration+ sparkling waters not only provide extra hydration from the electrolytes, but functional benefits too from the protein/amino acids which help to fuel the immune system, aid protein absorption and promote healthy cognitive function.

Price: £1.39

Stockists: Ocado, Amazon

7. For a Natural Energy Drink: Unrooted

Soft Drink Launches, top Soft Drink Launches, best Soft Drink Launches, new soft drink,

What: Imagine if there was a way to naturally boost your energy levels and avoid dreaded ‘burnout’ that didn’t involve caffeine or sugar. Unrooted is a brand new, high-fibre, natural energy drink that harnesses the power of baobab to help ignite and restore energy levels, no caffeine required.

The Lowdown: Packed full of prebiotic fibre and vitamin C, baobab feeds the good bacteria in your gut, regulates your blood sugars and even boosts your metabolism. The result is a healthier microbiome with naturally elevated, longer lasting energy levels and improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Price: £3.50

Stockists: Planet Organic and Selfridges

8. For a Sparkling Delight: Aqua Libra

aqua libra, aqua libra drinks

What: Looking for a refreshing drink? Try Aqua Libra Cucumber, Mint & Lime – sparkling water infused with refreshing cucumber, mint and lime. They infuse water with nature’s ingredients and add some sparkle; you’ll never find sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial in their drinks.

The Lowdown: Expect refreshing, clean and unsweetened – naturally infused sparkling water. The drinks contain no sugar, calories or artificial flavours. They also use naturally sourced ingredients from the UK, and the water is purified 4 times

Price: £1

Stockists: Available at selected Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots stores as well as online at Ocado and Amazon.

Angelica Malin

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