This feature is long overdue, and it’s probably down to us munching on all the snacks and healthy treats. If your shopping basket is looking a little sad, we’ve discovered 10 tasty foodie products you buy this week. Let’s get shopping (and eating):

Tasty Tuesdays: Vegan

1. For Healthy Puddings: GATŌ & Co 

What: GATŌ & Co is a start-up brand with big ambitions: to change the way we tuck into desserts. They’ve created healthier puds, handmade with whole, 100% natural ingredients, boosted by superfoods – all puds are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and flour.

The Lowdown: GATŌ’s inventive Chocolate and Aubergine Fondant contains 28% aubergine for a gooey texture; the Orange and Cardamom Polenta Sponge is made from polenta creamed with silky coconut oil, a good drizzle of tangy orange and lemon juice, soft ground almonds, a dash of honey and a subtle superfood hint of warming cardamom and anti-inflammatory turmeric. And finally, The Chocolate and Coconut Brownie is made with rich creamed coconut in place of butter, chia seeds soaked in homemade almond milk for extra gooeyness and premium dairy-free dark chocolate.

Stockists: Sainsbury’s and Ocado

2. For an Egg-Free Mayo: Rubies in the Rubble 

What: Rubies in the Rubble is a gourmet condiment brand with its heart firmly in sustainable food production. The range is handmade in the UK from fresh fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste. And the Rubies team have launched a new mayonnaise, which is suitable for vegans.

The Lowdown: For the uninitiated, aquafaba (the Latin for bean-water) is something of a revelation. Simply put, it’s the water drained from a can of chickpeas (or the byproduct from the cooking of legumes) which most of us wouldn’t think to reuse, but which mimics the effect of egg whites. Its unique mix of starches, proteins, and other soluble plant solids gives aquafaba a wide spectrum of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinising and thickening properties. Rubies whisk it together with rapeseed oil, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice along with a hint of Dijon mustard.

Stockists: Waitrose, Ocado, Selfridges, Harrods, and Fortnum & Mason

3. For Nutty Bars: KIND Snacks

What: The KIND gang believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body. Actually, it shouldn’t even go into your pantry. KIND products are made from nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts, fruits and whole grains – no secret ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

The Lowdown: Sweet cravings? Salty cravings? Healthy cravings? KIND’s best-selling bar is a simple blend of Brazilian sea salt sprinkled over whole nuts and drizzled with dark chocolate. Other bars in the range include Caramel, Almond and Sea Salt; Dark Chocolate, Almond and Coconut; and Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate.

Stockists: Tesco, Wholefoods, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s

4. For the Next Big Thing: OOOMEGA

What: Combining a creamy taste with the health benefits of flaxseeds, calcium and vitamins K, B12 and D2, OOOMEGA has brought a unique plant-based flax drink to the UK – and we think it’s going to be the next big dairy-free drink.

The Lowdown: As well as being suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant, flaxseed oil is one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega 3(ALA), meaning each drop of OOOMEGA drink is packed full of goodness. OOOMEGA can be enjoyed as a refreshing glass on its own or as the perfect partner to a range of foodie favourites. Try adding to porridges and smoothies or pouring over cereals for a breakfast boost.

Stockists: Waitrose

Tasty Tuesdays: Snacks

5. For a Posh Flavour: Tyrrells

What: Tyrrells has extended its range with the launch of their new Black Truffle and Sea Salt Crisps. Tyrrells latest  offering blends indulgent black truffle with a light sprinkling of sea salt to create a sumptuous combination. Dinner party snacks – sorted.

The Lowdown: Like the rest of the Tyrrells hand cooked potato crisp range, Black Truffle and Seat Salt is made in small batches from locally grown, seasonal potatoes. Hand cooked and seasoned to perfection with the finest, specially selected ingredients, the crisps boast a unique curl, crunch and taste.

Stockists: Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

6. For Limited Edition Ice Cream: Häagen-Dazs

What: With floral flavours gracing the 2018 top foodie trends list, Häagen-Dazs has brought out a new limited-edition Cherry Blossom ice cream, available on Ocado until the end of March. 

The Lowdown: Channelling Japanese influences, the ice cream is made using a delicate sakura extract, an essence of Japanese cherry blossom flowers – pink blooms which only grow in the spring time. Häagen-Dazs has added a tangy cherry sauce swirl to the pastel pink ice cream, and as with every flavour in the range, the ice cream is made with only the finest quality ingredients, always using real milk, fresh cream, egg yolks and sugar for a luxurious and rich taste.

Stockists: Ocado

7. For a Gluten-Free Snack: Clearspring

What: The Clearspring brand promises premium quality Japanese specialities and Organic Fine Foods that are authentic, versatile and support good health.  Made to traditional recipes by master artisan producers, it brings full, genuine flavours from some of the most exciting food cultures around the world.

The Lowdown: Clearspring’s Organic Brown Rice Chips are crispy, light, and are made with 100% wholegrain brown rice, superseeds and ancient grains such as buckwheat, chia and red lentil. Not only are the Organic Brown Rice Chips non-fried, 100% wholegrain and high in fibre, they’re also sugar-free, gluten-free, low in saturated fat and contain no artificial additives.

Stockists: Ocado, Planet Organic, Revital, Whole Foods and As Nature Intended

Tasty Tuesdays: Condiments

8. For Homemade Ketchup: Sauce Shop 

What: Sauce Shop are a start-up company who on a mission to bring better sauces to the nation. They don’t cut corners, and all of their sauces contain no thickeners, stabilisers or added water. Just great quality ingredients and a whole lot of flavour.

The Lowdown: The Smoky Chipotle Ketchup is made with chipotle peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes give it a rich and savoury flavour, while Bramley apples add a slightly sweet fruitiness and the chipotle peppers bring a deep smokiness and a nice level of heat. This sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ, try glazing on ribs or chicken at the end of cooking – and it’s great on the side of pizza and fries too.

Stockists: Ocado, Amazon, and Whole Foods

9. For Healthy Jam: CHAM

What: CHAM is a new jam on the block, here to revolutionise the classic sugar-filled fruit spreads. There’s three jams in the range, with all jams free from pectin, dairy, refined sugar, additive and preservative, and suitable for coeliacs and vegans – CHAM keeps its ingredients natural and simple: fruit, chia seeds and a sprinkle of vanilla.

The Lowdown: The Raspberry CHAM is made with ripe raspberries and chia seeds, sweetened with apple juice and a dash of vanilla; the Orange CHAM contains all natural ingredients, and finally, the Strawberry CHAM is made with British strawberries and a dash of vanilla.

Stockists: Planet Organic and Online 

10. For Chilli Oil: World of Zing!

What: Launched by Pritesh Mody from a stall at Brockley Market in September 2014, World of Zing has quickly become recognised amongst the UK’s most innovative food and drink businesses.

The Lowdown: Banish the bland and bring some spice to your dishes with World of Zing’s Five Chilli Oil. The oil is a blend of habanero, pasilla, chipotle, birdseye and naga chillies. Hot, smoky and fruity with a spicy finish. You can literally used this sauce on everything and anything: eggs, avocado, pizza, flatbreads, hummus – we could go on.

Stockists: Ocado