It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Here’s 5 foodie treats you need to buy this week – let’s get munching:

1. For an Exclusive: Rachel’s Limited Edition Fig and Honey Yogurt


What: This winter, treat yourself to the sumptuous, sweet and tempting taste of Rachel’s fig and honey – a brand new flavour that we just can’t get enough of. Delve in to the moreish combination of luscious sweet fig and honey mixed with Rachel’s delicious and creamy signature low fat organic yogurt, to leave you with a taste that is truly unique and irresistible.

The Lowdown: Bursting with sensational flavour, Rachel’s yogurts are made simply and with care, and contain only the finest organic fruit and ingredients, locally sourced organic milk and no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. Enjoy it on its own or use it in classic desserts, such as Pavlova or cheesecake, for an autumnal twist.

Price: £1.79 for a 450g pot

Where: Available from Waitrose, Morrisons, Booths and on Ocado.

2. For Great Produce: Norton Barton

Hard charcuterie group

What: Want a taste of something homegrown? Norton Barton is home to Cornish Charcuterie, North Coast Cider Co and POPTI cornish bakehouse. Between fantastic handmade charcuterie, pate, and rillettes, POPTI’s artisan savoury biscuits and nibbles and delicious cider they have all the elements of a fabulous Cornish meal all in one place!

The Lowdown: Their products are stocked in locations across London, including Cannon & Cannon, Rippon Cheese, Fink’s Salt & Sweet, Cheddar Deli and Hammonds Butchers. They also supply Paxton & Whitfield with a range of products under their own label.

Price: Gifts from £5.75

Where: Throughout London and online here

3. For a Treat: graze Champagne Christmas Pudding


What: Christmas pudding is up there on the quintessential ‘love it or hate it’ Christmas list, alongside Brussel sprouts, mince pies and visits to the in laws. This festive season, in an attempt at converting the haters, graze has developed a lighter, tastier pudding to stop you throwing shade on what they think should be a festive fave!

The Lowdown: Their taste expert Hollie has given the traditional Christmas pudding a complete graze makeover. Using the best quality ingredients and her own imagination, she’s created the lightest and tastiest pud yet. The deliciously different Champagne Christmas pudding from graze comes with a punnet of Belgian white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberry pieces to decorate. Glorious.

Price: £8

Where: Serves 8-10 people, available online at

4. For Chestnut Goodness: Merchant Gourmet Chestnuts


What: Merchant Gourmet’s whole chestnuts are a great wholesome, seasonal Christmas classic. Who doesn’t love chestnuts? A delicious healthy addition to any meal and ideal to put with sprouts, duck breast and potatoes. They’re not just for Christmas and stuffings – make the most of them all year round. Cook up a delicious soup with mushrooms, celery, onion and stock, and finish with a dollop of cream.

The Lowdown: Their Chestnut Puree is also a healthy and sweet addition for Christmas deserts. To make this Chestnut Puree, they roast some chestnuts and then sieve them until really smooth – the result is a rich puree that is versatile and very easy to use. Chestnut Puree can be used in everything from stuffings, soups and sauces to baking and dessert recipes.

Price: £2.25

Where: Available from Ocado, ASDA, Sainsbury’s Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons.

5. For Gluten-Free Treats: Meghna’s 



What: Meghna’s is unique range of snacks and sweets made with naturally healthy ingredients with an emphasis on Indian flavours. She sells everything from delicious lentil and coconut halwa to chia caramel brownies – the snacks of champions!

The Lowdown: Meghna’s creates healthy gluten-free snacks with flavours inspired from India. Meghna‘s is all about enjoying your healthy and hence there is a strong focus on the snacks being nourishing as well as full of taste and flavour. The snacks are made from an innovative combination of natural ingredients such as buckwheat, oats, almond and cashew butter, lentil flours and vegetables. The snacks are gluten free, dairy free, additive free and delicious!

Price: Snacks from £3.99

Where: Online here

And one for luck…

6. For a Festive Bake: GAIL’s Christmas Bread


What: GAIL’s Artisan Bakery’s has just realised their festive breads: including a pecan and cranberry wreath and fennel and fig loaf. They’ve also got mince pies are back – loaded with spiced fruit, encased in buttery pastry and topped with a snow-like sprinkling of icing sugar, these are some of the best mince pies you’ll ever try.

The Lowdown: From 1st December, Gail’s will baking a range of holiday goodies and gifts, including boozy Christmas cakes and festive loaves. Pop down and buy yourself some festive treats.

Price: Mince pies from £3

Where: Gail’s throughout London.