We like cake. We like taking photos of cake. If you were the kind of kid that grew up thinking that things taste better off someone else’s plate, then we’re pretty sure these desserts might actually taste sweeter because you’ve stolen them off someone else’s Instagram. From the orange that’s not actually an orange at all, to *that* pudding at the Chiltern Firehouse that looks a bit like something you’d find in the garden, here’s London’s most picture perfect puds. In the spirit of About Time’s Pudding Week (read why here), it’s time to get your dessert spoons out:

1. The Dessert for Breakfast: Caravan Kings Cross


What: Coconut bread, lemon curd cream, poached rhubarb (£7.50)

The Lowdown: One of the best Instagrammed breakfast dishes in London and we can see why – it’s basically pudding in breakfast form. Absolutely dreamy. While you’re there, don’t miss out on their porridge; normally I’d say getting porridge out in a restaurant is a travesty, but the one here with date syurp, fresh dates, banana and brown sugar is the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever tried. Just go.

Where: 1, Granary Building, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

Photo credit: H – Instagram

2. The Dessert That Looks Like a Snail: Chiltern Firehouse


What: Frozen apple Panna cotta with herb granite and dried meringue

The Lowdown: Chiltern Firehouse is the notorious celebrity hangout that has seen more appearances from Lindsay Lohan, than she had screen time in the film Mean Girls. Whilst known for attracting the A-listers, this popular stomping ground is also attracting another clientele – foodgrammers. The frozen apple Panna cotta is a popular fixture on our Instagram news feed, because let’s be honest, it’s a thing of beauty. The snail like panna cotta sits pretty on top of the herb granite, stick a filter on it and you’re away.

Where: Chiltern Firehouse1 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA

3. The Dessert That’s Not Actually a Dessert: Dinner by Heston 

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 18.21.28

What: Meat Fruit, mandarin, chicken liver parfait & grilled bread (£17.50)

The Lowdown: This looks like a dessert, sure. But it’s actually meat. Scary, I know. This is one of the most Instagrammed things in town, and if you’re lucky enough to dine at Heston’s restaurant, we think you have to try it. While you’re there, also try the Cod in Cider with smoked artichokes which is incredibly delicious, and get an actual dessert – we recommend the Brown Bread Ice Cream with salted butter caramel, pear and malted yeast syrup. It seems like all the courses swap around at this restaurant, but we can’t say we care much. Hello, pudding.

Where: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London, 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA

Photo credit: Siena Hoggianto

4. The Dessert That Pleases Everyone: Shackfuyu

soft serve

What: Kinako French toast with matcha soft serve (£6)

The Lowdown:  Shackfuyu is one of London’s newest Japanese fast food joints and one of Soho’s best kept secrets, until everyone started instagramming their prized dessert – Kinako French toast. This dessert has probably had more photos taken of it, than you’ve had hot dinners.  The outside of the toast is crisp and the centre is soft, gooey and utterly amazing, all served with a generous portion of matcha soft serve, giving your classic Mr Whippy a run for its money.  This dessert is by no means fancy, but it doesn’t have to be when it tastes this good. If anything, that blue and white China plate is crying out for an Instagram.

Where: Bone Daddies Shackfuyu, 14a Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TJ

Photo credit: Hazel Wong

5. The Dessert That Looks Like a Rose: Yauatcha 


What: Raspberry Delice with raspberry, Madirofolo chocolate and lychee (£5.90)

The Lowdown:What happens when you pair Chinese dim sum with European patisseries? You get very happy customers and Instagrams a plenty. Yauatcha is vey different to other dim sum restaurants in London, they pride themselves on their Chinese cuisine, whilst also creating innovative European treats using authentic Chinese elements such as tea and savoury ingredients.  Their Raspberry Delice has everything; exotic flavours, isn’t too heavy and guilt-free (kind of). Don’t get us started on their macarons.

Where: 15-17 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DL

Photo credit: Foodspree