We’ve said it before, but one of the great things about the festive season is the onslaught of Christmas burgers. Forget your mince pies, your party food platters, we’re all about the Christmassy ingredients slapped between a glossy bun. From burgers with all the turkey trimmings to pigs in blankets masterpieces, London restaurants don’t hold back when it comes to banging out the best patties come Christmas.

Patty & Bun have come up with a new burger for Xmas 2021, and there’s no stuffing or cranberry sauce in sight. Instead, the regular yuletide fare has taken a backseat in favour of cheesy goodness. The aptly titled ‘Cheesus was Born’ celebrates cheese in all its molten glory (the messiah of the Christmas burger, if you will). We gave this beefy bite a whirl recently and we can confirm it’s very good news.

Heading to our local Patty & Bun (big up the Brighton staff for being warm and inviting), we started with a pint of the Patty Pils – a collab with Fourpure Brewery, with the outcome a crisp, refreshing Pilsner that was incredibly sessionable. Onto the main event: the festive burger. Shining a spotlight on the main two components – beef and cheese – this towering beauty was gloriously decadent, you-need-a-fistful-of-napkins, type burger. An aged HG Walter Beef Patty came topped with Ogleshield Cheese (gentle yet complex with a sweet, warm aroma), the delightfully tender Beef Brisket, Edam Cheese, Bone Marrow Butter aka butter of the gods, pickles, a welcome addition to cut through the richness, and aioli, all stuffed inside a shiny bun.

When it comes to burgers, you want all the components to come together… and with the Cheesus was Born, this was a first-class lesson in how a handful of high-quality ingredients can make something pretty damn special. You’ve got cheese from British suppliers, meat sourced from the good folks at London’s HG Walter, and homemade condiments coming together for ultimate Christmas cheer.

Do what we did and throw in some chicken salted chips with roast chicken mayo for the full Patty & Bun experience. Also special shout out to the fried chicken – golden morsels of crispy deliciousness. Ho ho ho, have a Cheesus Was Born and thank us later.

For further information on Patty & Bun, see here

Photo credit: Justin DeSouza