Bagels – exceptional. Ice cream – into it. Bagels sandwiching chunky, swirly ice cream? Now that’s loaf changing.

Ben & Jerry’s are introducing an Ice Cream Bagel to their London store: a soft, chewy, Montreal-style bagel, with notes of maple syrup, topping and tailing Ben & Jerry’s creamy, fun-filled ice cream. The deliciously moreish mouthful is available for a limited time in Ben & Jerry’s Soho Scoop Shop, from Friday 24th August.

Fun fact: when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield first teamed up they had their eye on the bagel business – intending to deliver bagels, cream cheese and the New York Times on Sunday mornings. But the two school friends changed their minds, opening their first scoop shop way back in 1978. Now, 40 years later the company is raising a spoon to what might have been.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Bagels: The Menu

Ice-Ice-Bagels are lovingly made by their friends at Bross Bagels and available at Ben & Jerry’s Soho Scoop Shop, Wardour Street in two Fairtrade flavours:

Birthday Bagel – A taste-bud tingling, dreamy delight. Soft and chewy pink bagel filled with Ben & Jerry’s newest concoction Birthday Cake (vanilla cake batter ice cream with pink frosting and strawberry swirls and cake pieces) and topped with multi-coloured sprinkles.

Holey Cara-moley – A sweet but salty coated pretzel bagel nestling generous scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop exclusive flavour Double Caramel Brownie (caramel ice cream with salted caramel swirl and chocolate brownies) and smothered in gooey caramel sauce.

Sure, spoons and cones are cool, but there’s something special about holding ice cream with both hands and taking a big ol’ bite.

74 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 0TE