We’re gonna make a bold claim here: Brighton could be the best city in the UK for burgers.

We know this may ruffle a few feathers, but we honestly stand by it here at AT, with the seaside capital offering burgs unlike anywhere else in the UK. From the gloriously dutty Burger Brothers, through to fiery innovations like Burger Off, via the down-right gorgeous Troll Burger, Brighton has taken the humble burger to exciting new levels with each pop-up over the years.

With that in mind, this obviously means the bar is incredibly high when it comes to newcomers, which is why we were intrigued when the MasterChef himself Kenny Tutt decided to enter the arena. Known for pushing the boundaries of Sussex produce over the years, Tutt is a bit of a legend in the county with his acclaimed outfits Pitch, Bayside Social and Ox Block taking over the Brighton/Worthing area. After a hugely successful run at Brighton food mecca Shelter Hall, last month saw Tutt replace the latter with new brand Patty Guy – a fun, no-frills classic burger joint of your dreams.

Very clearly taking inspiration from US diner culture and of course, a classic overpriced burger chain (let’s call them ‘five blokes’), the Patty Guy menu is minimal but effective, focusing on elevating the classics to indulgent new heights.

We started with the Deluxe Tots which didn’t disappoint. Golden brown pillows of deliciousness, these crispy bad boys were topped with bacon, house cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, crispy onion and fresh jalapeño, a barrage of flavours that all came together effortlessly to culminate in basically the ultimate hangover dish. A much-needed alternative to fries, tots are going to be everywhere this year, mark our words.

Now onto the main event, the patties. We’re gonna be honest, the previous burger offering at Ox Block just didnt hit the mark, with a slightly dry bun and the burger itself leaving a lot to be desired. However, we’re overjoyed to say that Patty Guy’s core range could not be more different. Opting for the Green Chilli Cheeseburger, the burger could honestly not be more perfect if it tried. Packing just the right amount of heat, the gorgeous pink patty oozed with flavour, whilst the cheese elegantly coated everything without being overwhelming. Walking the fine line between gourmet and dirty burger, the potato bun was the real star of the show here, bringing everything together in a symphony of flavour.

Of course, we had to wash everything down with a signature shake as well. Tasting like a pimped-up version of a ‘Crusha’ or Nesquik (in the best possible sense), the milkshakes were indulgent without being too heavy, with just the right amount of thickness to boot.

Taking American classics and totally making them their own, Patty Guy feels like an instant Brighton institution, and a great addition to Tutt’s arsenal that’s doing something different. Now, anyone for seconds?

Address: Kings Road Arches, Shelter Hall, Brighton BN1 1NB