Step into the heart of Mayfair and indulge in a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Lusin, the new Armenian restaurant that has taken the city by storm. The name Lusin, which means “moon” in Armenian, is a nod to the beautiful and delicate symbol that represents the culture.

Lusin is an award-winning gastronomic concept born out of inspirational travels to Armenia and Lebanon, and having been highly successful in Saudi Arabia, they have now opened their doors in London.

Lusin: The Lowdown

Tucked away on a quiet street just off Hay Hill Street, Lusin is a 100-seater restaurant spread over two floors. The entrance is grand and showcases three outstanding pillars with hand-made carvings resembling Armenian Khachkar, symbols and signs from the ‘Tree of Life’ to the ‘Eternity’ symbol. The walls feature Armenian Tuff Stone which is originally sourced from Armenian Mountains in four colours: Pink, Artic Violet, Black, and Anti-Tobacco.

The attention to detail is unparalleled, creating a completely authentic atmosphere. As you sit down, you are presented with a cocktail menu featuring fresh twists on the classics crafted by mixologist Giancarlo Mancino – the official beverage and bar consultant for the Rosewood Hotels worldwide.

Lusin: What to Eat

The London menu has been curated by 2 Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin, featuring innovative dishes with fresh and, where possible, locally-sourced ingredients. The signature Lusin Kibbeh, prepared with a special recipe of mixed daily-fresh meat, bulgur and nuts, seasoned with distinctive Armenian spices and drizzled with pomegranate molasses, is a must-try. For a fresh starter, try the Lusin Salad, a Lusin curation made with shredded cheese topped with a smoky-baked aubergine with vegetables and a herb coulis.

The highlight of the menu is the famous Cherry Kebab made from spiced kebab skewers, perfectly grilled over charcoals, and then covered with the signature homemade cherry sauce. Sour Cherries are sourced from Armenia, adding sweetness to the sour and salty flavour. For sides, opt for the crispy spicy potatoes and broccoli.

Finish off your meal with a dessert like the Lemon Tarte made up of lemon curd, Italian meringue citrus segment, or the crowd-pleasing honey cake.

Lusin: The Verdict

Lusin offers incredible décor and food, creating a different vibe from other restaurants located in the vicinity. The focus is on a more chilled atmosphere, with outstanding customer service. Lusin says its mission is ‘to evoke a sense of beauty with this cuisine through an inspired rich atmosphere, taking the guests on a journey celebrating old traditions and introducing new taste’. One thing is for sure, Lusin delivers on this promise, providing a dining experience that is not to be missed.

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16 Hay Hill, London W1J 8NY