Los Mochis is a pan-Pacific restaurant and bar in Notting hill which combines the passion and heat of Mexico, whilst celebrating the cool elegance and precision of Japan. Just minutes from Notting Hill Gate station, the buzzing atmosphere and vibrant artwork make you feel transported to the heart of Mexico.

Los Mochis: The Drinks

The cocktail menu is built around a list of small producer tequilas and mezcals, and each cocktail is presented with minimal garnish to allow the captivating flavours to speak for themselves. We tried the Oaxca Passion – a knock-your-socks-off blend of Aperol, Lost Explorer Mezcal, passionfruit puree, and orange juice topped with Duval champagne. Like an Aperol Spritz, but better. We also have high praise for the Condesa Sunset, a medley of Tequila Tapatio Reposado, pomegranate-strawberry cordial and mango-lime soy float.

The comprehensive menu has various choices from tacos, ceviche, and quesadillas but all with the kitchen’s Japanese twist on the flavours. We were treated to the expansive tasting menu which has 13 (yes 13!) courses. Two words: come hungry.

Los Mochis: The Menu

The first dish was classic guacamole (the classic avocados, lime, onion, tomato, coriander and jalapeno combination), served with tortilla chips. Delicious and packed with flavour. Next was the Seabass ceviche which had the most delicious shiso-truffle soy and mixed with the guacamole was a beautiful combination of flavours.

Salmon tiradito followed, the salmon was given a kick by kizami wasabi and delicately spiced with shichimi, yuzu tamari, and coriander cress. Without a doubt, this was one of our favourite dishes. We then had the Spicy Salmon on Crispy rice; the rice had a crunchy texture, which was balanced out with spicy tartar on top. A beautiful combination of flavour and texture. Alongside the crispy rice, we had the beetroot tiradito which was the most Instagramable dish thanks to the vibrant colour and delicate presentation.

Next up: Falafelito. I do enjoy falafel and don’t get me wrong, it had the qualities you want from a falafel (crispy gold brown, with a fluffy centre), but the five pieces – already on such a big menu – were slightly too filling, even for me.

It was then time for the Cucumber Maki, the salsa verde added atop the maki sushi roll gave the plate a nice Mexican touch. This was a nice change of pace and a bit lighter compared to previous courses. It was then time for the tacos! Trailer Park Chicken was one of the main attractions. The tender, spicy fried chicken came with guacamole, a jalapeno BBQ sauce, habanero gochujang, sesame, and parsnip crisps. Meanwhile, the Yaninitku Taco was a sweet and salty mash-up, and came piled with sesame-soy tender steak and chilli-ginger honey, and the Dynamite Prawn Taco was *excuse the pun*, a flavour explosion.

Los Mochis: Dessert

For dessert, we had the dulce de leche baked cheesecake, a creamy version of the classic and a matcha blondie which came with white chocolate and coconut sorbet. I am a dessert lover, and both were amazing. My only regret was being too full to finish them both.

Los Mochis: The Verdict

This was one of my favourite meals in London; the décor is vibrant and the restaurant feels intimate much like the streets it’s situated on. The combination of Mexican and Japanese gives the menu amazing variety and originality. Just a head’s up, the tasting menu is quite the challenge so do go hungry if you are going to be taking it on. If you’re looking for a date night or a group meal with friends, swing by Los Mochis – the vibe and food are on point.

Where: 2-4 Farmer St, London W8 7SN

Reservations can be made here