If you fancy a Brazilian culinary experience without the threat of Zico virus this summer, forget about the actually Brazil and the mass gentrification and forced eviction of Rio’s Favelas to make way for us fat westerners but venture to the next best alternative, Cabana, which have 9 branches all over the place but most conveniently nestled in the middle of Upper Street, just after the design centre.

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We somehow managed to sample most of the menu and lots of it, starting proceedings with parmesan and wild honey along with chips and guacamole before our first official starters consisting of crunchy fried rice balls and crispy squid in Malagueta mayo, Malagueta being the house spice, indigenous to the part of Brasil the majority of the menu is inspired by.

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By this point we’d sunken a number of Cococabana cocktails and Ipanema ice-teas, so it felt like time for dancing but as much as I wanted to move my feet it was time for our meat skewers, the dark thigh meat the perfect cut for the concoction of spices & marinades. Places our skewers don’t for a moment we sampled the halloumi salad, which was note worthy in it’s own right, so no need to leave your vegetarian friends at home in a cage when you visit Cabana.

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So despite the challenge to the elasticity of our stomachs at the sheer amount of food consumed, we had to rise to the challenge of indulge in Bolinhos de Chuva or chocolate raindrop doughnuts; some might call them drops of Brasilian heaven or FRIED DOUGHBALLS STUFFED WITH NUTELLA washed down with a Caipirinha, it would have been rude not. Cabana is truly a treat and it’s about time you discovered it for yourself.