A UK-based company is looking for someone to taste and review its festive season cheese and wine offering, as the holiday season is right around the corner.

Holiday season festivities

With the festive season fast approaching, companies around the world are exploring innovative and unique ways of engaging with customers and drawing attention to their offering. One such company is UK-based luxury gift company, Cartwright & Butler, which is looking for someone to test its cheese and wine selection for the holiday season. The good news is that you do not need to have any prior experience in reviewing food or any culinary qualification, however, a love for food and drink is preferred. With the growing popularity of influencers and internet sensations, it is quite clear to see that doing a food review is not as complicated or intimidating as one might think. For novices, however, there are some things to consider for your review should you be looking to apply for the position, which are mainly related to the physical characteristics of wine and cheese that can be useful for pairing.

Firstly, moisture content, salt content and acidity are three key elements to be mindful of when reviewing cheese. These ultimately determine the identity and characteristics of the cheese. Blue cheese, for example, is widely known to have a high salt content and is thus a great contrast for sweet wine. Moreover, cheese generally tends to turn down the volume of red wine, which is something to consider in your pairing and tasting.

Steps to take towards becoming a festive wine and cheese tester

While there are many other activities that one can opt for during the festive season, global economic activity is still quite critical and reeling from the impact of 2020. With that in mind, the opportunity presented by Cartwright & Butler seems appealing, particularly as it is a paid role. Although some countries are gradually resuming with normal operations, an opportunity to make money while being fed does not seem like a bad idea. With the GBP and USD being popularly traded currencies across the globe, the market impact on USD forex trading is expected to be boosted by the revival of leisure industries. This is as the USD forms part of the major currency pairs and is active in global economic activity. Therefore, an uptake in other economies will have an impact on the USD because it is regarded as a base currency.   

Speaking on the matter of the vacancy, Head of Marketing & eCommerce at Cartwright & Butler, Gemma Barton was quoted as saying, “The festive season is significant for us at Cartwright & Butler, which is exactly why we’re looking for more support in assessing our cheese boards and tasting wines this year.” Barton added, “The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in all things related to cheese and wine. We’re searching for someone who can provide us a full assessment of each product, from presentation to taste, so we can use this information in our market research.”

The role offers a £500 incentive over the festive period, over and above the free cheese and wine for review. The selected candidate will be expected to comment on flavour, taste, appearance and packaging, amongst other aspects.