Although there are always new trends evolving for most sectors, the food industry seems to fluctuate more than others, and it seems 2018 is living up to this. Food trends are continuing to shift at an alarming rate this year, with consumer demand for healthy ingredients, complex favour profiles and even sustainable produce increasing. Special dietary requests are also rising. From gluten-free to fermented foods, the types of foods consumers are anticipating to see and are willing to eat has shifted dramatically.

Veganism has seen one of the biggest surges, with one in ten UK adults intent on becoming vegan this year. Additionally, several supermarkets have been introducing their own vegan ranges after recognising the high demand for plant-based alternatives. If those within the food industry, such a restaurants and cafes, simply ignore the popularity of veganism foods and fail to alter their menus, they risk losing out on vital business, simply because they have failed to adapt.

In order to stay competitive and maintain consumer interest, businesses within the food industry cannot avoid jumping on these trends. But which food trends are actually worth the investment? Considering there are a lot of trends that simply turn into fading fads, filtering through the ones that will be profitable is crucial for obtaining a return. Created by Liberis, providers of business loans for bad credit, this infographic provides an insight into the top nine food trends that are here to stay.