Laylow, the neighbourhood restaurant, club and music venue in the heart of Notting Hill, will be welcoming Hot 4 U into their kitchens for a limited residency at the end of this month.

Hot 4 U x Laylow: The Lowdown

Eddy Tejada (St John and Silo) and Matthew Scott (Cub) are behind Hot 4 U, initially created in the throes of lockdown. Hot 4 U burst onto the scene with a delivery menu and are now working on a series of restaurant and industry collaborations, including their four-night residency at Laylow.

Hot 4 U is a reflection of Matthew and Eddy’s shared love for sustainable ingredients and nose-to-tail cooking, combined with a fun, distinctive style that shoots from the hip.

Hot 4 U x Laylow: What to Eat

Expect plates laden with the likes of grilled pancakes, popcorn sweetbreads and chewy tomato kebabs with fermented cep and buttermilk garum. To follow, there’ll be fried apple pie with Szechuan ice-cream and as the evening draws to a close there will be a couple of surprises in store to ensure that no night is ever the same.

Hot 4 U residency at Laylow will take place on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th September with one 6pm sitting every evening.
Tickets are £75 (6 courses and a welcome drink) and available to purchase here.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Isola Caprio