Looking for the best hot cross buns in London? You need to get your hands on some of these weird and wonderful delights in advance of Easter weekend. Blink and you’ll miss them – here’s where to find the best hot cross buns in London (in all their forms):

1. For Doughnuts: Bread Ahead

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Bun Doughnut (£3.20)

The Lowdown: This is the ultimate Easter treat: a hot cross bun doughnut. And one of the finest Easter mash-ups we’ve ever come across. The doughnut is laced with raisins, candied peel and a hot cross bun mixed-spice, and is filled with a smooth vanilla custard. So much yes.

Where: See locations here 

2. For a Savoury Bun: Grill My Cheese x Selfridges 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Bun Cheese Toastie (£6)

The Lowdown: Street food heroes Grill My Cheese have launched a four week pop-up inside Selfridges Food Hall, and it’s a mecca to dairy. Aside from their cheese toasties, they’ve also created the epic hot cross bun cheese toastie stuffed with brie, cheddar and spiced salted caramel.

Where: 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB

3. For Chocolate Eggs: Prestat

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg (£17)

The Lowdown: We’ve been wishing for some sort of hot cross bun/chocolate hybrid to come along – and we’re pretty starstruck with Prestat’s creation. Think silky milk chocolate infused with warming spices and orange. And, best of all, the egg is filled with mini hot cross bun flavoured eggs too.

Where: 14 Princes Arcade, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6DS

4. For Classic Buns: Gail’s Bakery 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Bun (£1.60)

The Lowdown: If you’re after your classic hot cross bun – Gail’s make the perfect ones. Nice bounce, plump raisins, good amount of spice and a lovely glazed finish. Whilst you’re there, pick up a few cheese scones for the road for a tea time treat of dreams.

Where: Locations here 

5. For Something You Could Probably See From Space: Polo Bar x The Marshmallowist 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: The Hot Cross Bun Stack (£15)

The Lowdown: Polo Bar has teamed up with The Marshmallowist to whip up something we’ve actually never seen before, until now. The spiced hot cross bun stack to share features layers upon layers of hot cross buns and raspberry and champagne marshmallows with vanilla crème, smarties, and fresh strawberries served with chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

Where: 176 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NQ

6. For a Row of Buns: PAUL 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Bun Caterpillar (£8.99)

The Lowdown: If one bun is never enough (and it never is), PAUL’s family-sized, sticky hot cross bun caterpillar features nine doughy, raisin-studded delights and makes the perfect table centrepiece for a breakfast or an afternoon tea celebration.

Where: Locations here 

7. For Burgers: The Blues Kitchen 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Bunny Boiler Burger (£12.50)

The Lowdown: The new Bunny Boiler burger at The Blues Kitchen is a meat-tastic Easter bite. A rabbit and pork patty is topped with rocket, crispy pancetta, grainy mustard aioli and melted Swiss cheese, all nestled in a hot cross bun. A sweet/savoury combo that’s way better than any Creme Egg.

Where: Locations here 

8. For Gluten-Free Buns: Beyond Bread 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Gluten-Free Hot Cross Buns (£2)

The Lowdown: These gluten-free wholesome treats are baked to a special recipe and made from entirely natural ingredients. Packed full of spices and dried fruits, they’re soft and chewy with a sticky glaze. Delicious toasted and slathered in butter.

Where: Locations here 

9. For Breads: Cinnamon Kitchen 

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Naan (£3.80)

The Lowdown: We’re questioning whether hot cross naans are a thing, and while they’re most definitely not – we applaud Cinnamon Kitchen’s take on this Easter classic. We’re never going to turn down a warm, buttery naan dipped in hot garlic chutney, and topped with chilli gunpowder.

Where: 9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL

10. For Posh Buns: Dominique Ansel Bakery

best hot cross buns in London

Order: Hot Cross Buns (£12.50)

The Lowdown: No your cheapest buns around, sure. But Dominique Ansel Bakery produce a lovely hot cross bun, made with soft brioche studded with warm cinnamon spice, orange and bergamot zest, raisins, dried cherries, cranberries, and candied orange peel, finished with a cinnamon star anise glaze and baked until beautifully golden.

Where: 17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP