For those that don’t get excited by the big shop anymore or by the bargains found in Lidl (god love the middle aisle), we’re here to share some delicious news. The London Delicatessen is a recently launched online artisan food shopping destination – a one-stop-shop for British produced artisan food. On top of this, there are several recipes to choose from to help bring a bit of dinnertime inspiration into your kitchen.

The London Delicatessen: The Lowdown

The new site proudly boasts some of London and the UK’s most exciting new and challenger brands, many of which are Great Taste Award winners.  You’ll find tea from Two Spoons, made in small batches and brought to you from two ex-Tetley employees keen to get back to quality tea; there’s Yorkshire Pasta, which founder Elise Friedman believes is the best dried pasta she has ever tasted (we can confirm); and there’s Urban Cordial, made in London using supermarkets’ unwanted fruit straight from the Kentish countryside.

Other insanely good producers to be found on the site include: Beeble – a stunning honey whisky made by a beekeeper and a bookkeeper in the heart of Wiltshire, using Wiltshire honey and made in ultra-small batches; Capreolus– fantastic award-winning cured meats from the Dorset countryside.  You’ll find coppa, guanciale, and the exotic sounding Rampisham Tingler salami, amongst many others; and Husk and Honey granola, made in London’s Spa terminus, these small-batch granolas shine with freshness and taste.  It continues to be London’s only granola producer. Don’t miss Only Coco’s large range of high-cocoa content chocolate bars, Mae Jum’s flavoursome Thai curry pastes, and Ostlers Cider Vinegar.

All items are dispatched directly to the customer, complete with recipe and serving suggestion ideas.  Behind each product is a little story about the producers too, bringing them even closer to the customer. For more information and to start filling your shopping basket, see here.