When it comes to ice cream there are only two men that have our heart – Ben and Jerry. Honestly, we haven’t found a situation in life that can’t be cured with a tub of Phish Food or Cookie Dough (bowl optional). With that in mind, you can only imagine our joy when we found out B&J were taking things out of the tub and onto the stick for the first time since 1988.

‘Peace Pops’ are the latest game-changing item in the Ben & Jerry’s roster (following their recent Netflix collab and the bags of cookie dough pieces), and as the name suggests it takes the iconic ice cream to handheld new territories.

Vanilla ice cream is coated with a milk chocolate shell (essentially the bougiest choc-ice you’ve ever tasted), but the real star of the show here is the cookie dough peace sign in the centre – a tasty indulgent treat that won’t make you feel like you’ve overdone it. And, all the ingredients are fair trade, so you know you’re doing good for the world when you tuck into this one. That’s a good excuse to have it, right?

A contender to the Magnum crown, the Peace Pop sits in a similar world to their hugely successful ‘Wich’ – a decadent treat that won’t break the bank (priced at £2.20 per pop) and will also give you the Ben and Jerry flavour hit without having to get a whole tub. Peace and love all round? Count us in.

Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops are available in Co-op stores.