Nothing says Christmas quite like a mince pie. And nothing says comfort food quite like a calzone. Fuse the two together and you get (unsurprisingly), a mince pie calzone.

 This festive season, City Pantry, the UK’s leading corporate catering and office food delivery service, has once again partnered with Pizza Pilgrims to bring the Mince Pie Calzone to home-workers across the UK.

Available exclusively through City Pantry’s ‘Pantry Packages’ between the 1st and 6th December, people across the UK will be able to get their team into the festive spirit by having a Mince Pie Calzone delivered straight to their doors. The Calzone is made using Pizza Pilgrims famed Neapolian dough, filled with spiced mincemeat and limoncello mascarpone and comes ready to be cooked using a frying pan – the same as their frying pan pizza.

Costing £12 (for two people), the Calzone kit will be available to order on City Pantry’s website exclusively from the 1st December before being rolled out more widely on 7th December.

To find out more about the Mince Pie Calzone and place your order, see here.