There’s no denying the pizza choices in London are endless; from New York slices to Italian classics, but there’s one thing the capital has been missing – authentic Chicago Deep Dish. Luckily, Japes are here to fill the pizza pie-shaped hole in our lives (and maybe your cheese quota for the week).

Known for bringing the Chicago classics to life, and subsequently taking the city’s food landscape by storm, Japes have revolutionised the pizza scene here with their glorious gooey, cheesy pies. Although we can’t visit their Soho restaurant at the moment (one to add to your post-lockdown list), luckily the deep dish masters are doing bake-at-home kits for all your treat night needs.

Available to order straight from their website, pizza lovers can order pie kits in groups of 2/3/4, which come with everything you need to create the perfect Chicago deep dish at home, with meat and veggie versions to boot.

We expected the pizza crafting process to be an all-night affair, but instead, it was totally seamless and ridiculously speedy, meaning we created and devoured our pies within our lunch break (with time for a brief food coma too). The kit is also perfect for chefs of all abilities, with detailed instructions making it an easy as pie to assemble all layers and bake in the oven before pizza perfection.

Tasting exactly like the restaurant, the quality ingredients come together beautifully, as molten marinara sauce and flavoursome pepperoni combine with epic cheese pulls for undoubtedly the best pizza experience you can have at home (sorry Dr. Oetker).

Needless to say, whilst we try to make the best of lockdown 3 – or whatever tier we find ourselves in – it’s important to treat yourself to perfection, and it doesn’t come closer than a deep dish pie from Japes.

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