Oh the joy of not having to stand in long queues to buy food, to sanitise my now-chapped hands and enforced social distancing whilst shopping.

I’m one of the lucky ones that discovered Jane Plan in 2021. No running round the shops or tedious weighing of ingredients for me.

My food, some of which is delicious, is delivered to my door, it doesn’t go off and relieves my conscience somewhat as I binge watch on Netflix. I can use the extra time saved for a naughty visual indulgence instead.

Yes, I am on a diet. The easiest I have ever been on because, more than ever before, we really don’t need the task of sourcing ingredients ourselves and when we are getting lazier due to enforced isolation – the thought of the preparation of food is all too much.

In these days of a rapidly spreading pandemic, the home delivery service of non-perishable breakfast, lunch and dinner may be saving my life as well as my figure.

There is a wide variety of choice from delicious beef lasagne (my favourite), chicken tikka masala, lentil tagine, couscous salad and soups to a choice of  breakfast cereals, eaten with your own yoghurt. You are also supposed to have 5 a day which you have to provide yourself but snacks (including chocolate!) are home delivered and microwave ready.

And there is even better news … whilst the effort is minimal, the weight loss, thanks to controlled portion sizes, is dramatic. In one month I have effortlessly lost 4 kilos whilst really enjoying the ease of the regime.

Jane of Jane plan counselled me before the diet, discovering my favourite foods and then rang weekly and most charmingly asked me how I was doing without any pressure or that ‘naughty step ‘feeling!

What’s more is that I’m so delighted with the ease and results of the diet that I am going to continue for another two months, so I can binge on naughty Netflix and not on naughty food.

That’s what I call using the pandemic to a good effect. Hopefully I’ve tempted you to try it and turn some of the disadvantages of 2020 into some of the advantages of 2021.

Find more out about the Jane Plan here