London-based bakery Crosstown is bringing its beloved cookies back… but with a twist. The brand has redefined its cookie range by taking on customer feedback and developing innovative new recipes that feature a little bit of Crosstown magic. The cookies now comprise unique doughs, elevated with layers of delicious fillings, and finished with handmade frostings and toppings, inspired by the brand’s range of award-winning doughnuts.

Crosstown’s New Cookies: The Flavours

The first two flavours to launch are Raspberry & Rye and Pretzel, with two new cookie creations being added to the line-up on the 1st of every month, replacing those before it. The flavours will be available individually or in boxes of six or twelve. The boxes can be pre-ordered with delivery across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland.

Raspberry & Rye: Crafted with dark rye flour, layers of sweet and sour raspberries, hand-finished with a swirl of raspberry icing, a sprinkling of popping candy crumble and edible glitter.

Pretzel: Dark chocolate chips and pieces of pretzel can be found throughout the dough, completed with a layer of vanilla icing, drizzled dark chocolate, topped with a salted pretzel – resulting in a chewy Caramel.

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